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Canon Powershot S90 - Fantastic Prosumer Level Camera

Boasting features normally seen on top end prosumer compact cameras, the Canon Powershot S90 is a small, pocketable model with Raw shooting, manual controls, a 10Mp CCD and 3.8x image stabilised optical zoom on a 28mm lens at the widest. The dig!C IV processor runs two, count them, two noise reduction systems as well as face detection and dynamic range compensation. Priced at £318 from Warehouse Express, it sounds way too good to be true. Is it? Or have Canon made a massive mistake and undersold themselves?


Canon Powershot S90: Features

Before Canon discontinued the S series from the Powershot range, they were big, cumbersome cameras that felt as though they were made out of granite. The Canon S90 is a more modest and delicate reworking of the lost classic and looks quite nice. Gone is the sliding front cover and the optical viewfinder. Instead a 3in LCD screen is used as the only way to preview your shot.


More modern features have been added such as the ring zoom function that allows you to change settings by twisting the lens bezel on the front. Settings can be assigned to the ring such as ISO, manual focusing, exposure compensation and zoom.


Judging by the features available on the camera, the Canon Powershot S90 appears to be a compact that isn’t here to have fun. It’s not here to be slung in a drawer and only taken out for nights out or on holiday. This is a very serious picture making device that demands regular contact.


It’s a lovely little camera although personally I prefer the bulkier build of the previous S series before they ended production the first time round. The price is a decent point to start at for the sheer amount of features available. It’ll make a very good back-up camera for the photographer who likes keeping control, shooting in Raw and a good lens but may not always want to take a bulky camera system with them.


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