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ChaCha sues HTC over its new ChaCha phone

chacha vs htc chacha trademark infringement lawsuit


ChaCha Search is suing HTC over the HTC ChaCha, a new Facebook-enhanced phone the company unveiled in Barcelona last week.

ChaCha Search Inc. is suing HTC for its proposed use of its trademark for the newly announced HTC ChaCha Android phone, reports TechCrunch. The phone, which made headlines last week at the Mobile World Congress for its dedicated Facebook button, may need a new name before it hits shelves. ChaCha claims it owns the ChaCha trademark in the United States and Europe.

Being that Google, a popular search engine runs the Android operating system, ChaCha may be on the right side of this suit. It’s possible that people might think the HTC ChaCha is a phone powered or branded with the ChaCha search engine, which is not the case. ChaCha has a history of providing solid mobile service for its search. It has apps for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. However, ChaCha is also a dance and a song too, so…

ChaCha is a search engine that provides answers to questions written by actual people. It calls itself a human search engine.


Odd timing

Both Motorola and HTC are being sued by small U.S. companies that claim to have rights over the brands, and the suits may have merit. Motorola has also been sued by Xoom Corp. for using its trademark in the Xoom tablet. Odd things always come in threes, so we’re waiting on the third trademark suit. Let’s hope it’s a good one.


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