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Enjoy MXF Videos on Handheld Devices

Imagine this, you love to shot videos and have a Panasonic 900 HD camcorder which shot videos in MXF format. In addition, you have just got a new iPad which could play videos with HD quality. You came back from a friend’s wedding and shot tons of videos. You want to show the videos to your friends, so you decided to put the videos in the new iPad, and merge into one video. Unfortunately, you failed with the process because the MXF format couldn’t be supported by iPad. What to do for this? How to enjoy MXF videos on handheld devices?

aunsoft transmxf for mac interface


To solve this problem, you need a MXF converter which helps you to transfer MXF to other formats supported by iPad. Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac is the best one to do this.


Aunsoft TransMXF could convert and merge MXF files for playing on iPad, iPhone 4, Galaxy Tab and other handheld devices. For enjoying videos on new iPad, you can transfer the videos to formats of Quick Time HD Video (*.mov), H.264 HD video (*.mov). In this way, the videos could be loaded into your new iPad for enjoying.


To download TransMXF for Mac, visit For windows users, please visit You will find it’s so easy to convert MXF to various kinds of formats on Mac. With TransMXF, you can easily enjoy MXF videos on handheld devices.