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Download Free Games for iPhone/iPad

If you own iPhone or iPad, here’s the right place for you to acquire all kinds of popular, free, limited-time free games for iPhone/iPad.  To be more precise, we know all games for iPad, iPhone users. And, we never cease finding the best games for iOS, and providing walkthroughs or opinions or even confusions for games.



In order to kill the time, entertain yourself, Tower Defense Games is a nice idea.  Aungame offers you a good choice among all the best, free tower defense games: CarrotFantasy. Carrot Fantasy always arise s wide concern and public discussion on how to get golden carrot for carrot fantasy, and even crash issue for carrot fantasy extreme.


How interesting CarrotFantasy it is, read this review of Carrot Fantasy:


Aungame also found the solution for CarrotFantasy Extreme, which also prompted players’ discussion on Carrot Fantasy Level 2, level 6.



Suppose that you’re fond of puzzle games, we recommend a popular game to meet the challenges, that is “What’s My IQ”.  This is a creative and interesting puzzle game for iOS, all the 101 levels give full play to your initiative.  And Aungame has collected all the walkthroughs for What’s My IQ players, which will help you out when getting stuck at any puzzle.


Solutions for “What’s My IQ, please see What’s My IQ guides



Want more free games for your iPad, iPhone, or download the limited-time free games, even popular games for iPhone 5, just join the iPhone/iPad games club.