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Instructions for New Users on Aunsoft,com with Full Version Download

We provide all the means to help you keep your order information easily. We are glad to introduce you Aunsoft Member Center to keep your download link and key code safely.

After you place an order via our official site and the payment is processed successfully, you will get the email with the information for Aunsoft Member Center for your order. Below is the demonstration about how to get the full version.


Benefits of using Aunsoft Member Center:

- Completely safe to remove the Extended Download Service on shopping chart.
- No need to worry about the program crash as you can easily regain the program.
- Free to get an account. No need to pay a penny for the service.
- Life-time saving key code online. No need to worry about losing key code.
- Access your account and order info whenever you want.
- Show all your orders in one account/email.
- Easy to get the latest full version.
- Get member-only discount/coupon in future.

Steps to get your download link and key code:

1. For users who pay via credit card online or paypal, you will face the page with instructions immediately:


order page


Note: If you do not get the page, or use credit card by phone/fax or wire transfer, you will get email a few minutes after the order is successfully processed, like the below:


order email


You will also get this email for order via credit card online or paypal.

2. Just open the link starting with on the page, or copy the link from email to your web browser like IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome.

3. You will face the following page to get your log link, which includes your email address as the end.


order info page


4. Open the Activation link, enter the password and user name you would like for your account on Aunsoft Member Center.


order submit


5. Click "Submit" and you will be redirected to your account like below.


order member center


6. Click the download button to run and install the full version. Copy and paste the key code to register.

Tips: If you do not face a pop-up window to start downloading the file or no file is downloaded, you can click the more info button on the right to get the download link and key code and try on another browser like FireFox, Safari, Chrome.

Now you can use the full version without Aunsoft watermark/logo on the video.

If you have any question about the using Aunsoft Member Center, please go to the FAQ section.


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