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Nokia N8 vs HTC Desire: Symbian^3 versus Android!

Nokia N8 vs HTC Desire: Symbian^3 versus Android!


I will be comparing two mobiles to find out which one is the best and what they have to offer to potential buyers. They are HTC desire android and Nokia N8 that will be battling in this summer. And next I will review them equally.


The mobile phone company known for making android mobiles and the latest hit is the HTC Desire. So, in this review we will observe at the key features and new features to deliver to the potential consumers.


HTC desire is the network version of the Nexus One. So what we have with the HTC is a newest version of the Google Android operating system in a powerful yet amazing smart phone with HTC?s native sense interface feature that keeps you updated with your friend?s status through Facebook and tweeter in your contact list. The phone lets you to choose 7 customizable home screens, uploads photo to flickr, add shortcuts, live web feeds and much more to switch between home screens or see the screen shot all at once. Thank you for massive 1 GHz processor of which empower us to swift between home screens, opening web pages, launching application and displays them in a beautiful 3.7 inch AMOLED multitouch touchscreen. The multi-touch enabled by using capacitive screen technology that allows us to zoom pictures, maps by pinching it. AMOLED technology gives us the brightest display while keeping low energy consumption.


Sticking a 5 MP camera, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS and expandable memory up to 32GB, this device could be the future handset of the year. Now, let?s look at our competitor, the Nokia N8 offering features. The Nokia N8 now is the hottest Nokia?s Smartphone. It is the first of phone stand on the Symbian 3 platform. We will be unfolding the important feature of this 12 megapixel phone.


This Nokia new N8 phone?s camera claimed to be as good a dedicated point and shoot camera. We tested the camera and its just like we expected, the 12 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens supported by xenon flash works very nice, on the way with the capability to capture video at 720p and edit them using a smart built-in modifying suite on the phone. The Symbian 3 OS on the N8 provide advanced network rendering used for streaming HD multimedia files and HDMI support with nice television playback result. Multi touch input brings about a new experience of interaction while a 1 GHz processor chip supporting the entire feature steadiness.


The playback quality handled by the 3.5 inch HD capacitive touchscreen to access video and footage. To complete that, there is a HDMI connector to share your media to friends and relatives put through HD TV and enjoy the dazzling quality. This Nokia N8 also offers to watch TV on the web from local to international broadcast, and what makes is better is the massive storage N8 brings, that is 16GB internal and a micro SD card expansion up to 48GB.


A single application by Nokia allowing people to keep connected to social networking features and updated, also to view life feeds.
Just like the Android, Nokia is putting multi-touch features, flick scrolling pinch-to-zoom along with other several features found on their Smartphone rivals, such as home screen widgets and multiple home screens.


Natively, the entire Ovi services can be accessed through Nokia N8 and it is the first smartphone to bundle with Qt. This smart looking phone will be available in black, green, blue, silver and also Orange around Q3 this year.


The Nokia N8 has support for faster HSPDA data download and also has the WiFi n support. Its also equipped with a newer version of Bluetooth meaning that its faster and definitely offers a much longer range compared to the older version of Bluetooth. The Phone also has a 12 MegaPixel camera compared to HTC?s 5 MegaPixel, the camera quality on the N8 is far more superior than HTC Desire.


The Nokia N8 has a slower processor than the HTC Desire but wait ? its got a 3D hardware processor that can give it a big advantage in running higher end gaming and video applications.


Both of the phones have FM however the Nokia N8 also has transmitter functionality. Also it has TV Out and Dolby Digital Audio through HDMI.


Both of the phones support Flash. The Nokia N8 has a better battery life than the HTC Desire.


I think that Nokia N8 is definitely a better phone than the HTC Desire in terms of features and it will compete well with other phones in the market especially the iPhone.


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