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Panasonic 42-inch VT20/VT25 3DTV coming

Panasonic’s flagship VT25 (VT20 in Europe) is currently available in 50 inches and above. But now it seems that Panasonic will release a 42-inch VT20/VT25 model with 3D and the Infinite Black Pro panel.


Panasonic VT20 in 42 inches

FlatpanelsHD have recently tested the Panasonic VT20/VT25, and it received praise for both 2D and 3D picture quality.

Panasonic 3DTV in 42 inches

The VT range has only been a 50+ inches model so far but now a 42 inch model is coming. The 42-inch VT 3D model will be exhibited on IFA 2010 in Berlin in the beginning of September 2010.

The model is not confirmed for all countries but the European model will be called TX-P42VT20E and the US model will probably be called TC-P42VT25 if Panasonic plans to release it in the US as well. This model will also be the first 42-inch Panasonic 3DTV.

Panasonic 3DTV in 42 inches
Panasonic 3DTV in 42 inches

The model is expected to incorporate the Infinite Black PRO panel and THX picture mode. Not all details have been unveiled but we will know more on IFA 2010.

A recent leak also showed a list of more than 20 new Panasonic TV model names that are also expected to be exhibited on IFA 2010. No concrete detail yet but we make sure to keep you updated.

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