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Panasonic Full HD 3D Home Cinema


Panasonic has debuted one of the most anticipated technologies of recent times at CES with its world first 3D Full HD plasma home theatre system, known as the 3D FHD, at CES in Las Vegas.


The 3D FHD promises to deliver true-to-life 3D Full HD images using Panny's 103in Full HD plasma TV and a Blu-ray player capable of beaming 1920x1080 resolution images simultaneously to both the left and right eyes.


The 3D FHD set-up employs special glasses with active shutters that work in perfect sync with the TV to deliver a 3D image 'formed with twice the volume of information' contained in a normal HD image.


Bob Perry, executive VP at Panasonic commented, 'This goes well beyond conventional 3D, and Panasonic is fully committed to making it a reality, and soon'.


Perry continued, 'Plasma is currently the only TV capable of delivering a 3D Full HD experience due in great part to its ability to refresh at a speed which enables multiple image display without loss of resolution. The integration of Hollywood's 3D content with Panasonic's industry leading Plasma, Blu-ray and 3D FHD technologies delivers a truly immersive experience which will elevate home entertainment to a whole new level of excitement. You will no longer just be watching a movie, you'll be experiencing the realism of Hollywood film'.


Sounds good to us, but we won't be leaving it there as several other major manufacturers have been debuting 3D TV technology. We'll keep you posted.


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