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Samsung Fascinate vs. iPhone 4

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If you take the iPhone 4 and strip it from its revolutionary exterior design, you to some extent end up with the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Wireless. Of course, there are other differences, the most notable perhaps, are the Android 2.1 platform in stead of iOS 4, no front-facing Web camera, and The Network's, well, network. The Samsung Fascinate is one of the biggest releases on Verizon Wireless ever though, and a direct competitor to the iPhone 4 in more ways than usual for an Android smartphone.

Samsung Fascinate is bad boy with Galaxy S technology

The Samsung Fascinate is part of a new breed of Samsung smartphones powered by Galaxy S technology, meaning that you get the latest and greatest in display, sensoring, processor and hardware acceleration offerings.

Samsung has this year been manufacturing AMOLED screens at high volumes to its competitors (though not high enough to keep up with demand), but Super AMOLED screens to its own Galaxy S smartphones. It's a 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen to be exact, and the Samsung Fascinate will take advantage of multi-touch pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom and horizontal swiping to improve navigation throughout the phone.

They've also been manufacturing a 1GHz Hummingbird application processor with an integrated PowerVR SGX540 GPU to be delivered to Galaxy S smartphones, and, Apple's custom built A4 chip. High-end 3D graphics and video acceleration is the key part here, driving the Samsung Fascinate to a new level in terms of multimedia and gaming opportunities.

Like Apple, Samsung has also chosen to incorporate STMicroelectronic's new 3-axis gyroscope for 6-axis sensoring in combination with a 3-axis accelerometer, providing an improved gaming experience among other things. This was one of Steve Jobs' key highlights during the introduction of the iPhone 4, and this summer, that technology will be available on Verizon Wireless courtesy of the Samsung Fascinate.

The Samsung Fascinate is also similar to the iPhone 4 in a few other areas, such as sporting a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, autofocus and LED flash. In addition, they both come with Wi-Fi Wireless-N and Stereo Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack.

What sets Samsung Fascinate apart from iPhone 4?

Beyond the already mentioned differences, the Samsung Fascinate will come with 3G Mobile HotSpot capabilities, allowing users to transform their phone into a wireless modem for up to five compatible Wi-Fi enabled devices.

As far as memory is concerned, the Samsung Fascinate incorporates a 2GB NAND Flash internal memory as well as a microSDHC memory slot with support for up to 32GB cards. A 16GB microSD card will be included in the sales package, delivering approximately 18GB storage out-of-box. It's not known whether the Samsung Fascinate will get an Android 2.2 update, but if it does, that 18GB storage capacity can then also be used for applications and games storage.

The Samsung Fascinate will also offer a virtual QWERTY keyboard featuring Swype technology for faster text input, support for a range of multimedia formats including DivX, as well as Google Mobile services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk and Anroid Market (65,000 apps and counting).

Samsung Fascinate S-Life features

Among the Samsung Fascinate's S-Life features, we find the new Social Hub, built around messaging, contacts and calendar sync. It allows users to send and receive information, whether it's e-mail, social network updates or SMS messages.

The Social Hub includes integrated calendar information from portal calendars, on Exchange, Google Calendar and social networking services, including Facebook.

It also includes integrated contacts sync with Exchange, Google, Twitter and Facebook, and displays a user's contacts in four categories including information, History (previous calls and messages), Activities (status updates and notifications on social networking sites) and Media (Facebook profile photos and photo gallery).

Additionally the Samsung Fascinate keeps you up to date on feeds and updates, by displaying feeds from multiple social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (the latter allows users to update their status instantly).

Widgets such as Daily Briefing (instant access to weather, news, stocks and schedule), Write and Go (jot down an idea and later decide on the format, such as SMS/MMS, e-mail, calendar or memo, to send or post to popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), and Weather Clock (displays current time and weather of the selected city) are also pre-loaded.

There's also an AllShare application, which enables inter-device connectivity through Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), so users can send multimedia content wirelessly to other DLNA-enabled devices such as TVs and laptops.

Last, but not least, a full suite of Verizon Wireless mobile and multimedia services will naturally be available on the Samsung Fascinate too, including V CAST Music with Rhapsody, V CAST Video on Demand, V CAST Song ID, Visual Voice Mail, V CAST Tones, VZ Navigator and Mobile IM.

Samsung Fascinate business features

The Samsung Fascinate powered by Android 2.1 is first and foremost a consumer smartphone. It's got Exchange ActiveSync for e-mail to synchronize corporate e-mail, contacts and calendars, as well as support for vCard and vCalendar Bluetooth profiles. However, if Verizon Wireless and Samsung decide to update the Samsung Fascinate to Android 2.2 down the road, it'll get additional business features such as Bluetooth voice dialing, corporate Gmail support and more.

Android 2.2 would also enable the Samsung Fascinate to handle full Web pages, as a Flash 10.1 plug-in will be available for Android 2.2 soon. Such a feature would obviously also set the Samsung Fascinate apart from the iPhone 4 in terms of technical browsing capabilities.

Price and release date

The Samsung Fascinate will be available in mirror black with chrome details. There's no word on exact availability, but we assume Verizon Wireless will soon provide a release date and price (and probably also a pre-order page).

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