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Samsung Galaxy S Will Have Android 2.2 in November

The users of Samsung Galaxy S will have to wait to upgrade to Android 2.2 until Novemver.I think that with this upgrade to Android 2.2,Samsung Galaxy S will be better than iPhone 4.Froyo (code-named Android 2.2) is officially among us we had titled his appearance on the scene of mobile operating systems. Now Samsung is also the time to update one of the most successful smartphones of the last period, the Samsung Galaxy S, which will receive the upgrade by mid-November.


What will change at Samsung Galaxy S? Comes the opportunity to take advantage of navigation with Google Maps that integrates the voice guidance and note how Street View to allow a more detailed view of the route you are following. Unlike Apple (with IOS), we find the new Adobe Flash Player 10.1, which gives the benefit of a lot of media (movie players from the web games). A new compiler Just-In-Time (JIT), which increases the speed of application execution and, consequently, the operating speed of the system.The new Samsung Galaxy S will be upgraded to Android 2.2 in November.


Setup Wizard, allows you to customize the Samsung Galaxy S with various options but always with a very simple and enables you to set the data connections. It also changes the user interface with the arrival of the preview and Home Screen menu that gives you an overview of the various screens in a single touch and then have a greater ease of interaction. In-Browser Search across Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary, and Google Translate, MYDA is instead a reminder system that allows you to remember appointments.I am sure that the users of Samsung Galaxy S can’t wait for the upgrade to Android 2.2.


3D SMS is a new widget can be downloaded from Samsung Access which allows you to browse through text messages received as a file with a full three-dimensional picture of the sender and control keys to read and reply to messages easily. Information also comes from the Corriere della in a new application with Cinetrailer service keeps you up to date with the latest in cinema.The new Samsung Galaxy S will be great with Android 2.2.


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