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Searching for Solutions to MXF Problems–Ultimate Solution for MXF/P2 MXF

If you have a Panasonic P2, Canon XF, Sony XDCAM camcorder or any other camcorders that shot videos in MXF format, you must be in trouble with how to import MXF files to video editing tools on Mac such as FCP, iMovie or Adobe Premiere and playback in different devices. Don't worry, Aunsoft studio has combined most of the problems and provided solutions. Let's see the ultimate solution for MXF/P2 MXF- Aunsoft TransMXF.

Aunsoft TransMXF has Mac version and Windows version and makes it possible for you to edit MXF files in those tools with time-saving conversion from MXF to Apple ProRes 422 MOV for FCP. Furthermore, Aunsoft TransMXF is a perfect MXF joiner and MXF cutter as well as a MXF to Mac or Windows converter. 

For MXF question, Aunsoft studio offers solutions from different aspects. You can search according to your camcorder model, the questions you faced with or the usage with your MXF clips. The following are some details.

For MXF Camcorder Model, the most used models are like Panaonic AG-HPX600, Panasonic P2 AJ-HPX3700 camcorder, Panasonic AG-HPX170PJ, Canon XF100, Canon XF105,Canon XF300, Canon XA25, Sony XDCAM, etc.

For FAQs, you can find solution for those questions, including but not limited to:
1. Avid Media Composer v2.6.6 does not support the P2 (MXF) files?
2. Converting Audio into Pinnacle files from my Canon XF100 Camera.
3. To transcode directly from an HPX's P2 media to ProRes.
4. Converting MXF files to Apple ProRes 422.
5. How to change MXF wrapper to QuickTime?
6. To batch convert MXF dailies to H264 QT files.

And for MXF usage, there are four big parts: 
1. MXF to FCP X, FCP 6 native structure, FCP 7.
2. MXF to other editing software like Avid, Premiere, Pinnacle, iMovie, etc.
3. MXF to devices like MXF to new iPad, iPhone 5, Android, etc.
4. MXF to common formats like AIC, MOV, QuickTime, AVI, MPEG-4, etc.

The introduction here is only some simple structures, to learn more, click Ultimate Software Solution for MXF/P2 MXF.