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The best gadgets of 2014 - We walked miles through CES


Every year, the electronics and computer industries gather in Las Vegas for International CES, a gigantic tradeshow where they show off their wares for the coming year.

Getting through the 2014 International CES wasn't a cake walk. We trudged for miles inside overheated convention halls, braved buffet lines, and saw some spectacular demos. We tried to see as many of the products as we could among the 3,200 exhibitors, and we did combat with the 150,000 attendees who were trying to butt in front of us in lines.

We survived CES, just barely, with 50 percent of our staff leveled by convention illness. But despite that heavy attrition rate, we’ve come up with our view of what we liked best at CES. These are the products we are most looking forward to in the coming year.

By comparison, here’s our list from last year's CES.

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