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The Real Cost of iPhone 4 VS. Android Rivals

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The iPhone 4’s $200 price tag can be mesmerizing, but we’re all aware it’s going to cost a lot more over time thanks to monthly bills. Just how much will you ultimately spend on an iPhone 4 versus, say, a comparable Android handset? Fortunately for the non-mathletes, a website called BillShrink has done the tedious number crunching for us.

The chart folllow (click to enlarge) does a nice job summing up the total costs of ownership for the iPhone 4 compared to three highlight Android phones: the Droid Incredible, HTC Evo 4G and Nexus One. Bottom line: If you opt for minimal data and voice plans, you can potentially spend the least on the iPhone 4 over two years.

That should be comforting for owners of the 600,000 iPhone 4s that were already preordered, though of course it doesn’t factor in the amount you’ll be spending on apps. Considering there are 215,000 apps in the App Store compared to Android’s 70,000 apps, we’re guessing iPhone 4 owners will be spending a lot more than Android users over time with all that additional software available.


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