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Top Six Low-cost Gifts to Impress Your Soul Mate on Valentines Day

Financial problems can drive a wedge between any couple, and can also wreck any romance you might be expecting this Valentine's Day. Now Valentine’s day is coming, and you don’t have enough money to spend to buying a prize for the one you love? You also don’t know how to impress your soul mate on such special day with a low-cost but unique and memorable gift? Don’t worry, I will provide some solutions for you.


top gift for valentines day


Here are the top Six Low-cost Gifts to Impress Your Soul Mate on Valentine’s Day:


1. Write a love letter for her or him.
Love letter, ignored by most of us, is still a romantic way to express feelings of love, delivered by hand, by mail or other way. I think your mate will be impressed if your love announcement is in a special way like Mark shows his love to Juliet in movie - Loveacturally. Love letter is an everlasting and warm way to show your love, gratitude, and feelings for your mate.


2. Collect your together picture as one slide show
If you had a computer in your house, you could make a slide show from your pictures. Choice wisely the picture you want to make it slide show. Found your together moments picture and give it a romantic touch with a romantic sound background. Watch the result together with your mate with some popcorn and some juice or cola.


3. Make a romantic video only belongs to both of you
Doubtless, in the past times, you have recorded lots of video clips of you and her (him) shot by HD camcorder. Just find and collect all these movies. Get a romantic or touching theme for your video. Edit the recordings (trimming, splitting, joining, and adding a romantic background sound or your love announcement) with best gift on Valentine’s day - Final Mate. After that, share the movie with your mate or put it in the phone or media player he or she owned by converting the romantic video to the suitable format. (You can also optimize your created romantic video by adding transitions, subtitles, etc with some professional editors like Sony Vegas, adobe premiere pro, Movie Maker, etc.)


4. Make a sweetheart lunchbox or dinner
What dishes does he or she enjoys the most? You need know first and then prepare a lunchbox full of all your love and give it to him or her in person. Or you can invite your mate to dinner in your place. Prepare a dinner with your mate could make your relationship more intent and it could be a quality time for you both.


5. Watch a Romantic or Horrific Movie
Find one nice movie to watch. Maybe some “horror” movie or romance movie?…Watch it together in valentine night with a candle light, popcorn or some wine in a glass. Maybe it can light your passion. Here are some movies I recommended: 


Romantic: Valentine's Day; Just Go with It; Gnomeo and Juliet; Justin Bieber: Never Say Never; The Eagle; Life as We Know It; You’ve Got Mail; Bringing Up Baby.


Horrific: Let the Right One In; My Bloody Valentine 3D; Zombie Honeymoon; Deadly Friend; Highway to Hell; Sleepaway Camp; Candyman.


6. Your time to stay with your mate.
The most important thing to impress your soul mate is to make your quality time with your mate. So if you don’t have enough money to by a prize, just spend your time and accompany him or her on this sweet valentine’s day.


And at last, happy Valentine’s Day!