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Which is Better, the Kindle or the iPad?

Doc is a big believer in e-readers, and I think it’s only a matter of time before they become a pretty big part of corporate life. Imagine being able to carry around operations manuals, repair documents, HR information, etc., all in one small device.


The problem so far is that the two most popular devices, the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad, are primarily geared to a consumer audience and we haven’t yet seen the sort of applications and security features that could make these devices important components in corporate document strategies.


But that hasn’t stopped the debate over which platform is better and which one is more likely to dominate the marketplace. So I dropped into a lively discussion over at the Print CEO blog on the merits of the Kindle vs. the merits of the iPad. According to author Howie Fenton:


Here is what I found. I loved the iPad because of all the cool things you could look at on it. But I was frustrated when I tried to perform the work I do on my Mac laptop such as writing articles and creating slide presentations.  And I was not happy about the cost of buying a data plan. It is great for content consumption but not great for content creation.

Admittedly, it takes a little time to get used to reading on the smaller version of the Kindle. But after taking it on a trip, I found I loved the small format. I could read it on any airplane even when the guy in front of me leans back and I feel like a dentist about to drill a cavity. Buying books and magazines is a breeze and the newspapers are much easier to navigate and read than their paper cousins. I love the free access to the Internet but I hate typing on the Kindle or trying to access the Internet for anything other than the Kindle store.

There’s a lot more including quite a few comments from readers chiming in on the differences between the two devices. If you’re thinking of buying either a Kindle or an iPad, it would be worth your while to check out this discussion.


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