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No Rendering for Importing Sony HX9V MTS Files to Adobe Premiere CS 5

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Final Mate

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The HX9V from Sony Cyber-shot DSC series is a typical portable camera which offers a 16x, 24-384mm zoom lens and a high pixel Exmor CMOS sensor. The most attractive characteristic certainly owns to its built-in GPS tracking complete with a compass, full 1080p high-definition video recording with stereo sound and HDMI output and 3D Sweep Panoramas and 3D Still Images.


As most users describe that it is a beginner’s camera. Despite of the other factors, the low price of Sony HX9V has been the main reason for video and photo shooting lovers to buy one. Someone usually likes to add some special effects or just do some simple edit on his videos. Therefore, we need a video editing tool and a video converter.


Why? Most of you must be confused with the requirement of video converter. As is said by Adobe, the Premiere CS 5 support MTS files directly import without any transcoding. But we seldom know that when importing MTS files to Adobe Premiere CS 5, it will take much time for rendering before editing. In other words, MTS format is not very suitable to Premiere CS 5 though it can be directly imported to Premiere.


So we have to convert Sony HX9V MTS to the format which is more compatible with Premiere CS 5. Here I will share the simple steps during the conversion from Sony MTS for Adobe Premiere CS 5.


First, you need to download Aunsoft Final Mate and install it to your PC. Then connect the Sony HX9V to PC with USB cable. Launch the Final Mate with double click on it and the program will offer you two choices to backup the files to hard drive or just import them to resource tab.


The next step is creating the movies for conversion output. You can select and drags the files you want to convert to movie tab and choose create conversion output movies for each file. If you need to merge the videos into one you can also choose to create one movie for converting output.



After that, you must choose and set the output format for your movies. Just click the format icon and find the Adobe Premiere option and click to choose Adobe Premiere MPEG2 as the right output format.


Finally, you just need to click the export button to start the conversion. And the conversion from Sony HX9V MTS to MPEG2 will be finished in a short time. With the files exported from Final Mate, you can directly edit the videos in Adobe Premiere CS 5 with no rendering during the importing progress.

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