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Panasonic AVCHD Converter and Editor - Convert and Edit Panasonic AVCHD MTS Files

MTS/M2TS Converter

MTS/M2TS Converter

A professional MTS/M2TS Converter, MTS/M2TS file joiner. Convert/merge MTS/M2TS videos.
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If you have a Panasonic AVCHD Camcorder like HDC-TM700, HDC-SD5, DMC ZS3, etc, if you want to convert and edit Panasonic AVCHD Video to other popular formats like Panasonic AVCHD to AVI, Panasonic AVCHD to MP4, Panasonic AVCHD to MOV, Panasonic AVCHD to WMV, Panasonic AVCHD to DVD, Panasonic AVCHD to MPG, AVI, WMV, or MOV, etc, if you want to put Panasonic AVCHD, AVCHD Lite to iMovie, FCE, FCP, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Movie Maker, etc for editing or put Panasonic AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to iPad, iPhone 4, Droid X, Home Threater, LCD Projector for playing, Just Try this Panasonic AVCHD Converter now!


Panasonic AVCHD Converter Editor

Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter does more than just convert AVCHD, AVCHD Lite file, or edit AVCHD, AVCHD Lite files, such as deinterlacing AVCHD files, merging AVCHD MTS/M2TS files into one file, trimming any clip of AVCHD video, cropping video size to capture your favorite area, protecting your video by adding watermark, setting video effect, previewing recorded AVCHD video, taking immediate snapshot of MTS/M2TS file, and so forth.


How to Convert/Edit Panasonic AVCHD Video with Panasonic AVCHD Converter?


Step1: Free download Panasonic AVCHD Converter, launch and run it in your PC, then you shall get an easy-to-use interface.


Step2: Choose the suitable output format you want by clicking the down-arrow of "Format" and then select a folder to save it. This Panasonic AVCHD Converter supports you to convert AVCHD files to AVI, MP4, WMV, DVD, AVI, MOV, iPad, iPhone 4, Droid X and so on.


Convert Panasonic AVCHD File


Step3: Click Settings to get advanced quality by adjusting the Video/Audio codec, Frame Rate, Bitrate, Resolution.


Step4: Now you can edit your Panasonic AVCHD, AVCHD Lite files before Convert AVCHD, AVCHD Lite files to other format.


Edit Panasonic AVCHD File


Cut any clip of Panasonic AVCHD video (Trim)

Crop video size and black edges to fill in full screen (Crop)

Merge AVCHD MTS/M2TS videos into ONLY one file “Merge into one file”

Add Watermark for Protecting AVCHD video (Add Watermark)

Set video effect (Effect)

AVCHD Deinterlace (Remove AVCHD interlaces): Deinterlacing

Step5: Start the Panasonic AVCHD Video Conversion.
Click the convert button under the preview window to start the conversion. Quickly you could get the converted Panasonic AVCHD files without A/V out of sync.


1. If you are a Mac user, you can try the Mac Panasonic AVCHD Converter/Editor.
2. Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter supports Panasonic AVCHD, AVCHD Lite Camcorder Models as follow:

Panasonic: HDC-DX1 (DVD), HDC-SD1 (SDHC), HDC-SD3 (SDHC, available in Japan only), AG-HSC1U (SDHC, comes with portable 40 GB HDD storage), HDC-SD5 (SDHC), HDC-SX5 (DVD, SDHC), HDC-SD7 (SDHC), HDC-SD9 (SDHC), HDC-HS9 (60 GB HDD, SDHC), AG-HMC70 (SDHC), HDC-SD100 (SDHC), HDC-HS100 (60 GB HDD, SDHC), AG-HMC150 (SDHC), HDC-HS300 (120 GB HDD), HDC-HS200 (80 GB HDD), HDC-TM300 (32 GB built-in flash memory, SDHC), HDC-SD300 (SDHC, available in Europe only), HDC-SD200 (SDHC), DMC-TZ7(European version, limited to 30 minutes recording due to European specific taxes)/ZS3(Rest of the world) (AVCHD Lite), DMC-TS1/DMC-FT1 (AVCHD Lite), DMC-GH1 (SDHC; AVCHD for 1080p24, 720p60, MJPEG for 720p30), HDC-TM30/HDC-TM10 (32 GB built-in flash memory, SDHC), HDC-SD10 (SDHC), HDC-TM350 (64 GB built-in flash memory, SDHC, available in Japan and as of October 2009, from Panasonic Stores across the UK), AG-HMC40 (SDHC), Lumix DMC-ZS7 (DMC-TZ10 outside US), HDC-TM700/HDC-SD700/HDC-HS700 (introduced full specification 1080p60 or 1080p50 modes depending on region, HDC-SD60/HDC-TM60/HDC-HS60 (introduced specification 1080i60 or 1080i50 modes depending on region.)

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