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Peace-Maker between Sony and Apple

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

Best Mac Video Converter for iPad/iPhone 4/iTouch 4. Transcode HDV/AVCHD to ProRes, AIC,etc.
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Thousands of Video Converter can be found from Google or other ways. Such software programs are really common in our daily life, especially when various videos and camcorders are becoming more and more popular. The certain problem we will meet is how to deal with different video formats. And that's just the reason why Video Converter is necessary.

Sony, as known to everyone, is famous for its electronic products. The young generation is crazy for PS2 and PS3. Most families choose Sony Handycam as their video shooters. HDR-FX1E, Sony's first HD camcorder was issued in 2005 and after then, smarter and more powerful camcorders appeared. As HD camcorder has controlled our video life, such AVCHD or AVCHD Lite videos will be talked in this article.
video converter for mac

When we mention video formats, another company should be mentioned meanwhile: Apple, the leader of digital area. Apple produces professional devices and software, including video editor and mobile media players. The common video editors, such as iMovie, Fianl Cut Express (been replaced by Final Cut Pro X in 2011), Final Cut Pro and iDVD, have now been accepted and used by more and more video fans. Famous devices contain iPhone and iPad. If you have ever used such editor or player, you will find that Apple is stubborn when dealing with different video formats.
sony camcorder videos to mac

The most common formats accepted by Apple listed as Mp4, MOV, Apple ProRes and AIC( Apple InterMediate Codec). For example: iPhone and iPad support broadcasting of Mp4 and MOV (iPhone captures MOV videos directly), iMovie and Final Cut Express 4 choose AIC as the native format while Final Cut Pro X chooses Apple ProRes 422. So, what will happen if you have a different format file when using such Apple products? The answer is quite easy: Players refuse broadcasting while editors refuse importing.

So, here comes the problem between Sony and Apple: as Sony HD camcorders always capture AVCHD files (.MTS), which can't be recognized by Apple products directly. How to solve this problem? I have mentioned in the top of this article: Video Converter is necessary. Actually, Video Converter just works as the third-party software. It just helps to transcode the videos from one format to another. The process runs on decoding and re-encoding, just like demolishing a house and building a new one. You know, when demolished, there must be difference between the original and new videos. We called "quality loss" usually. So, it’s necessary to choose your video converter carefully. If not, maybe your new videos will be horrible in quality. My suggestion is to use Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac as your peace-maker between Sony and Apple.
transcode sony avchd to mac

Comparing software should depend on the following parts: output quality, time-cost and price. Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac wins finally in the test. Quality: after transcoded, the new videos output are still with high quality, just look the same as original ones. Some other such converters supply new movies with jumpy images and usually the audio and video are out of sync, never will Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac. Time-cost: the conversion process runs in much shorter time than any other convert. Of course, it still depends on the size of your files. Price: this powerful software only cost 35 bucks, even less than a movie ticket.  

Maybe some people will ask that when Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is so powerful, it must be difficult to handle. In fact, the truth is that it's quite easy-to-use. And the following steps will help you to manage it in several minutes. And I will just take "Convert AVCHD to Apple ProRes for FCP X" as the example. If you want to get other formats, just choose the correct ones you want.

sony avchd to apple editors

Step 1: Import videos files from camcorders into Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac. As shown, just click the "import" button, and you can easily achieve this step. Double click to preview in the right side. Format-choose button is shown down.

sony avchd to apple editors

Step 2: Choose correct format as you need. This photo is taking Final Cut Pro X as the example. From the list, we can also get the correct formats for different editors, such as iMovie, Final Cut Express and so on. Formats for devices, such as iPhone and iPad, can also be found directly.

sony avchd to apple editors

Step 3: After choosing correct output format and path, just click the Ok button to run the process. Files will be transcoded one by one.

These 3 steps are all what you need to manage this software. So, isn't it much easier?


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