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Perfect MKV Lossless Output for Playing in WDTV Live Plus

Some users found that lossless export does not play properly using WDTV Live Plus HD Media Player, and after 10-12 seconds, the playback gets choppy and unsuitable for watching. We may explain it like this, lossless output can keep original video and audio quality without transcoding to other formats. However, it also has few changes during whole process.

As is known to us, original MTS files is encoded by BDAV, while after lossless outputing, these MTS files are turned into MPEG-TS encoded. Since WDTV does not support such MTS files smoothly be played at present, a lot of Final Mate users have been troubled for a long time. We are attempting to solve this problem and BDAV will be kept in the near future.

Now, with the new version of Final Mate, you can snap out of this problem, and freely enjoy your AVCHD memories in WDTV. In the latest version of Final Mate, you can choose to export MTS files in MKV format without transcoding. MTS files just need to be remuxed into MKV format, which can be fluently played in WDTV. In this way, you can save more time from transcoding and enjoy perfect MKV lossless output for WDTV Live Plus.

Below is the simple guides for lossless output MKV for playing in WDTV.

Guide MTS files into Aunsoft Final Mate. Directly drag MTS videos to the timeline to create a project for lossless output.



Change the settings. Click the icon to choose MKV for export and change output path in the tab below.



Start the project by clicking the start button, and wait for several seconds before getting the final MKV videos.


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