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Play Blu-Ray Movie on MPC - Home Cinema with High Quality

Blu-ray Ripper

Blu-ray Ripper

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Everyone owns at least one media player in the computer, and loves the merits of each. What media player do you usually use to play video on PC? Windows Media Player? VLC Player? KMPlayer? BS.Player? Winamp? QuickTime? It can be said that each program works roughly similar. It has the main full screen window and alternatively, various ‘mini’ versions which can be perched in the screen corner so we can for example adjust the volume, skip a track, or pause a song while, etc. But personally I like Media Player Classic – Home Cinema best. I think that it is a real exquisite and light-weight media player for windows. And it can offer me the high quality playback of my video content.


MPC HC Play Blu-ray


But now, I tried to play some Blu-ray movies on MPC-HC and found most Blu-ray movies playing with no signs, and some just came out the voice, some only showed image, no sound. It was really annoying me.

Follow is my steps:

First: I just removed the encryption from my Blu-rays using this Blu-ray decryptor, then made a full disc copy to my PC hard drive.

Second: After that, started MPC-HC and clicked File  Open File to load the Blu-ray movies.

Third: Played the Blu-Ray movies and came the above issues.

How do I play Blu-ray movies on MPC-HC successfully?

I knew that playing Blu-ray movie on PC needed a powerful PC and video card, it was not a problem with my PC. Then I tried other media players like VLC, KMPlayer, etc, I also got these or those problems for watching Blu-ray movies. Then our RD guys told me that most media players in the market can not decode the Blu-ray disc fast and completely to satisfy our demand. So if we like to enjoy a Blu-ray movie smoothly and perfectly, we need to convert it into media players’ most suitable format and enjoy the high quality. Or we can spend money on purchasing CyberLink PowerDVD to perfectly play Blu-ray movie back.

I did not want to get a PowerDVD. So I tried to convert my Blu-ray movie to MPEG-1 video (*.mpg), MPEG-2 HD video (*.mpg) and other formats for my MPC-HC with this simplest Blu-ray Ripper, which is also a great Blu-ray decryptor I mentioned above. Follow is two most suitable formats and settings that let me satisfied.

1.I converted Blu-ray to MPEG-1 video (*.mpg) with settings like video codec: mpeg1,

video size (pix): 320*240, Bitrate (kbps): medium quality, Frame rate (fps): 23.97, audio codec: mp2, Sample rate (hz):44100, Bitrate (bps):224000, channels: stereo. After conversion, I got the movie with amazing small size. And I can play with my MPC-HC, the quality is not very high, but had not A/V out of sync issue.

2.In order to get HD quality video for playing on MPC-HC, I converted Blu-ray to MPEG-2 HD video (*.mpg) with settings like video codec: mpeg2, video size (pix): 1920*1080, Bitrate (kbps): high quality, Frame rate (fps): 30, audio codec: mp2, Sample rate (hz):48000, Bitrate (bps):320000, channels: stereo. After conversion, I found the image was still keeping its high quality, the effect was just as good as Blu-ray. And audio was synced perfectly with the video.


Play Blu-ray Movie on mpchc


I don’t want to waste much money on these Blu-ray things, and I’m just lucky I found this most suitable way for me to enjoy my Blu-ray movies on MPC-HC. Hope it can also help you.

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