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Quickly Create Movie with Simple Timeline-Oriented Editing with Aunsoft Final Mate

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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When trying to edit recorded videos, will you look into Adobe Premiere or Edius? If you just need the simple editing functions like cutting off parts from recorded video, merging and joining, or restoring video with brightness and contrast. Aunsoft Final Mate aims to provide an easy workflow for home movie photographers with simple editing.


Aunsoft Final Mate, as the perfect camcorder video editing software, works with different camcorder brands like Panasonic, Sony, Canon, JVC with AVCHD recording format, TOD and MOD. Aunsoft Final Mate supports NVIDIA CUDA technology and Intel Acceleration technology for faster conversion speed than other similar products or camcorder bundled software.


Here is the quick guide for you to create movie with the simple editing using Aunsoft Final Mate.


Part I. Import/Capture videos for editing.
Two ways to import videos: directly from camcorder or from computer.

- Capture videos from camcorder.
To load videos from camcorder, just connect the camcorder to computer with USB cable. Run Aunsoft Final Mate and choose to follow wizard. Select Import instead of Backup to quickly capture videos from camcorder. Leave the radio button for creating a movie for files in same format to get the related video clips for one movie.


create movie import video


- Import videos from computer.
It is recommended that you import videos from camcorder, but if you have transferred the videos from camcorder to computer, just follow the step below:
Choose File > Add Files, or directly click the Import button to browse the camcorder video files.


Part II. Edit Movie
Aunsoft Final Mate makes it easy to create movie with simple editing.
- Join/Merge video clips:
As we have chosen to create movie with files in same format while capturing videos from camcorder, you will notice that a movie will include several video clips.
If you choose to import videos from computer, just go to the Files tab under the Movies tab, and drag the video clip to the timeline on the bottom of the program UI.


- Split/Cut videos
Move the mouser curser to beginning or the end of the movie on time, you will the mouse pointer changes to a sign with arrow to the right or arrow to the left. With the sign, you can click on the movie clip and drag to the position you want to cut the video.


split cut merge avchd mts


To split and cut off the unwanted part in the middle of the video clip, use the vernier to split the video, and delete the unwanted part.


Part III. Export with lossless quality or conversion to other format.
Click the Export button, and you can choose lossless output without re-encoding, or convert to editor or device like Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, iPad.


Aunsoft Final Mate is easy-to-use for Panasonic/JVC/Sony/Canon video editing with timeline. Hope you enjoy it.


More details about using Aunsoft Final Mate, please visit: Final Mate Tutorial.

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