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Re-Author a Blu-ray Disc with Multi AVCHD

Blu-ray Ripper

Blu-ray Ripper

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Blu-ray is more and more popular for its amazing image and sound quality. But there is a burning question for many Blu-ray lovers. Blu-ray disc can be easily damaged due to frequent use or some other reasons. Is there ever a way that we could be able to re-author a backup copy of our favorite Blu-ray disc?

Convert Blu-ray to other video formats for backup in your PC/Mac is never a problem. Many Blu-ray rippers could solve the problem easily. But what’s the meaning of watching these converted BD movies when I bought the BD is for its extraordinary visual and audio effects in the first place. MultiAVCHD is a real saver for us which helps us re-author Blu-ray disc with no quality loss. As Blu-ray disc is not directly supported by multiAVCHD (only Blu-ray disc folders), so here we need a professional tool for decrypting BD to BD folder to our computer first.

Part 1: Decrypt & full disc copy Blu-ray disc to hard drive
In the first part, we need to decrypt BD and full disc copy BD folder to hard drive.

Step 1: Download Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper and launch the app.
Step 2: Import BD to Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper by clicking BD/DVD Rom.
Step 3: Set destination folder in “Output” bar.
Step 4: Click “full disk copy” to decrypt BD and save BDMV folder on your hard drive. When the process completes, you will find two folders in your destination folder, one is BDMV, the other is CERTIFICATE.

Re-Author a Blu-ray Disc, Author-bd1


Part 2: Re-author BD with multiAVCHD
After you successfully decrypt Blu-ray disc and backup full BDMV folder to your hard drive, you now can re-author Blu-ray disc with multiAVCHD for your Blu-ray backup.

1.Download the latest version multiAVCHD_4.1 (33MB) .
Note: Make sure you have at least twice (2x) the size of input files/folders free space allocated in the path you selected for TEMP folder/drive.
2.Run multiAVCHD and add Blu-ray disc folder by clicking “AVCHD/BDMV/DVD folders” in the menu bar on the top of the software interface and specifying destination path of BD folder in pop-up window.

Re-Author a Blu-ray Disc, Authro-bd2


3: Click “Start” button to choose output format and burn.
Before you start burn Blu-ray disc, make sure you insert a writable Blu-ray disc through Blu-ray drive. After that click “start” and then choose “For all Blu-ray players” in “Select destination media (USB/SD/SDHC/MMC/MemoryStick)”. The program immediately starts to burn. You can follow the process in “Log tab” at the right of the program’s interface. The process time depends on your original size of BDMV.

Re-Author a Blu-ray Disc, Author-bd3


1. Make sure your BD drive is both readable and writable for burning a Blu-ray disc. Some BD drives are only readable.
2. What is multiAVCHD: Combine multiple AVCHD, BD (Blu-ray Disc) or DVD folders and MKV, AVI, TS, M2TS/MTS, MPEG/MPG, MP4, M2V, VC-1, 264, EVO, TRP or MOV files and author them into a single AVCHD/BD structure or author HD-DVD.
3. MultiAVCHD can create output for: - USB / MS (MemoryStick) / SD / SDHC equipped Blu-ray disc players (like Playstation 3)
- Blu-ray players employing Secure Digital High Capacity capabilities
- SD/SDHC cards (like Panasonic Blu-ray players, Playstation 3, selected Panasonic Viera TV sets)
- Blu-ray players, compatible with AVCHD format (AVCHD written on DVD-R media) - most Blu-ray players
- Blu-ray players, compatible with AVCHD on BD-R disc - most Blu-ray players
- Direct BDMV format - Blu-ray Disc format - all Blu-ray players
- Re-authored BDMV - Blu-ray Disc format - all Blu-ray players
- HD-DVD players, compatible with DVD-R (3xDVD)
- SD-DVD players (all standard DVD players)

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