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Remove Interlaces from 1080i M2TS/MTS/MOD/TOD Camcorder Videos with Deinterlace Filter

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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Why do we need non-interlaced video for PC?
While viewing videos on camcorder, you may find the videos perform perfectly with smooth playback. However, when you put them on computer, you may notice that there are unexpected lines on the videos, especially when there is quick movement. The computer monitor does not like the 1080i camcorder videos. One solution is to get media players that support deinterlacing video when playing, e.g. VLC media player. But it is not stable. Another solution is to remove interlaces with Deinterlace Filter and then transcode quickly based CUDA or Intel technology for PC playback.


How to deinterlace 1080i m2ts, mts, mod, tod?
The 1080i deintelace filter of Aunsoft Final Mate is available at the editing area. The first button is for video restoration, which helps you adjust video and deinterlace video clips. To deinterlace 1080i videos like AVCHD, TOD and MOD, Aunsoft Final Mate provides an easy check for you to confirm deinterlacing files.


Step 1. Import videos from computer.
Click the "Add A Path" button on Aunsoft Final Mate to browse the .mts, .m2ts, .mod and .tod files on your computer hard drive.


import mts videos one movie


Step 2. Deinterlace 1080i video.
Click one video clip on timeline, and then click the "deinterlace" button to deinterlace video to progressive mode. The video on the preview window will change accordingly.


deinterlace m2ts mts-movie


Step 3. Deinterlace other videos or movies.
The step 2 above is only for the selected video clip, you can deinterlace all the videos and movies by selecting "Apply to All Conversion Movies".

deinterlace m2ts mts-movie


Step 4. Export videos.
Deinterlacing is not available when you choosing lossless as output. Here we choose Common Formats option to convert interlaced AVCHD to progressive WMV on Windows.


Even though re-encoding is needed for deinterlacing 1080i videos, Aunsoft Final Mate provides fast conversion speed with computers equipped with NVIDIA video card or Intel CPU by utilizing the CUDA technology or Intel Acceleration technology.

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