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How to Rip/Make Commercial Blu-ray Disc to ISO Image?

Blu-ray Ripper

Blu-ray Ripper

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Nowadays, a friend of mine asked me a question “I have lots of retailed Blu-ray movie discs and I want to backup them to my PC hard disk as ISO files, then I want to put them to Home Server for sharing, how can I convert these copyrighted Blu-rays to ISO image files?”


In order to rip or convert commercial Blu-ray discs to ISO image, we need a powerful Blu-ray ISO creator which can let us remove Blu-ray protection and create ISO image, but until now, Slysoft’s Clone BD is still not produced for us, the most popular and commonly used ISO creator in the market is a free tool---ImgBurn, but it can only help to create unprotected Blu-ray to ISO and then burn to disc. So the best way is to find a great Blu-ray decryptor to remove encryption and copy Blu-ray structures to PC hard drive, and then call ImgBurn to create ISO or burn to disc. Now I will show you my way from decrypt Blu-ray with AACS, BD+, region code protection to rip decrypted Blu-ray disc to ISO file.


First: Decrypt commercial Blu-ray discs and make a full disc copy to PC hard drive.


Step 1: Download, install and launch Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper, which is a more powerful and convenient than AnyDVD HD.
Step 2: Insert the commercial Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray Rom drive and import the movie to the program by clicking “BD/DVD Rom”. The loading speed is very fast.
Step 3: Set output path for saving your copied Blu-ray folder. The space could be enough.
Step 4: Click “Full Disk Copy” under the filelist to start copying your entire Blu-ray movie with original structure/content to the specified folder. (The trial version only works three times.)


Rip Blu-ray disc to ISO, Full Copy Blu-ray


Second: Burn Blu-ray movie to ISO Image.
After one hour, the program could finish the copying work. You can find all Blu-ray m2ts files in the path Movie Name – BDMV – Stream - .m2ts and they can be played back perfectly with VLC player, BS.Player, KMPlayer, etc. Now please follow to create Blu-ray movies to ISO image file.


Step 1: Download, install and launch ImgBurn, which is a free tool that enables you to burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray images with ease.
Step 2: Click “Creat image file from files/folders” to enter into the follow window, for your decrypted Blu-ray movie was saved on your PC hard drive.
Step 3: Import your Blu-ray movie from your PC to ImgBurn.
Step 4: Select a folder where to save and the name of the ISO file.
Step 5: Click the Create button (the burn button is a Folder with an arrow pointing to a Disc) to start creating Blu-ray ISO image file now.

Rip Blu-ray disc to ISO, Imgburn Creat Blu-ray ISO


Quickly you could get the Blu-ray ISO image file, then you can put it to the Home server for sharing with your family or friends.


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