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How to Rip/Play Blu-ray DVD Movies with Forced Subtitles?

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Forced subtitles are common on DVD and Blu-rays to provide a better visual experience to display the characters when a foreign or alien language is spoken, a sign, flag or other text in the scene is in different language.


You may find forced subtitles easily with your Blu-ray disc and DVD disc. For example, there are forced subtitles on Avatar Blu-ray disc and DVD disc, when aliens speak in their own language. For Star War, you may also notice the forced subtitle when Han is talking to Greedo in the bar.


With the forced subtitles available, how to get movies with forced subtitles so that we can enjoy the movie without unnecessary characters on screen, preferably on devices like iPad, Xbox 360, WD TV? Aunsoft iMedia Converter can help you to rip forced subtitles to BD/DVD movies, and it plays smoothly. Here are the steps to rip BD/DVD movies to devices like iPad, WD TV with forced subtitles. If you are using Windows version, you may try Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.


Below is the comparison of the output video with and without subtitle using Aunsoft iMedia Converter. It is about 01:01:00 to 01:04:00 from the Avatar movie, while Jake Sully is talking for the video record.


Rip/Play Blu-ray DVD with Forced Subtitles, Subtitle Comparison


Below is the screenshot with forced subtitle when Moat is speaking alien language.


Rip/Play Blu-ray DVD with Forced Subtitles, Forced Subtitle Avatar


Step 1. Load BD/DVD movies to Aunsoft iMedia Converter.
Click the BD/DVD Folder button to import BD/DVD movies, if you insert Blu-ray disc or DVD to BD/DVD Rom, or have BD files or DVD files on hard drive. The application will load the movies in a few seconds.


Step 2. Choose main title and forced subtitle.
The application displays the Blu-ray disc and DVD disc with titles and chapters. Make sure the checkbox for the main title is ticked and select the main title. Choose a subtitle from the Subtitle drop-down list, and play it on the real-time preview window on the left.


Rip/Play Blu-ray DVD with Forced Subtitles, BDDVD iMedia iPad Subtitle


Tips: If the disc includes forced subtitles and you just find one option per language, the forced subtitle is together with the general subtitle. If you find two options for the same language, the second option will be generally the forced subtitle.


Step 3. Choose output format for device.
Click the Format option and choose iPad > iPad Video H.264 (*.mp4) for your iPad, or HD Video > H.264 HD Video (*.mp4) for WD TV. The application provides multiple profiles for you according to your devices.


Step 4. Rip BD/DVD with forced subtitle.
Click the convert button and start ripping BD/DVD to MP4 with forced subtitle.


Wait for a while, and you can enjoy movie with forced subtitle on iPad, HD TV with WD TV and share with families and friends.

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