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Save Huge Time to Merge/Stitch/Join Panasonic MTS Files without any Decoding/Encoding

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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I have Panasonic HD camcorder, and it creates many mts files (video clips). Normally I use Pinnacle to author/encode these files but the process is very long. Since my Western Digital HD media player can now play mts files directly from an external harddrive, I just want to combine these mts file into one big file.


What I'm trying to do is take a bunch of MTS files outputted from my Panasonic camcorder and stitch them together into one big file, preferably losslessly. I tried doing it in tsMuxeR (1.8.8b), when I play back the file only the first clip plays. Also, tsMuxeR gives the following errors when muxing:


Warning! The file D:\Users\Psythik\Desktop\woohd\00050.MTS has a M2TS format.
Warning! The file D:\Users\Psythik\Desktop\woohd\00051.MTS has a M2TS format.
Warning! The file D:\Users\Psythik\Desktop\woohd\00052.MTS has a M2TS format.

...and so on.


According to tsMuxeR, the video is H.264 1920x1080p @ 23.976 FPS, while the audio is 6-channel AC3 @ 384Kbps.


So how do I merge these Panasonic MTS files into one big file without any decoding/encoding? When I was looking for Panasonic mts joiner without recoding, I found Aunsoft Final Mate, which is focus on merging camcorder videos without decoding/encoding, I just downloaded and tried the program. Excitedly I have joined these mts files at super fast speed. And it really didn’t require the re-encoding of the files and did not destroy the video quality.


Here is my experience with Aunsoft Final Mate to merge/stitch my mts files, some simple instructions:


Step 1. Capture videos from camcorder.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as smart mts joiner without recoding, connect Panasonic camcorder to PC via USB cable. You will face the pop-up message asking you to use camcorder wizard or not. If you do not get the message, just click the Wizard button. Click Yes, you will face the window to choose Backup or Import, just select import and choose the mts files you want to merge or stitch. After imported, the files will be displayed in Camcorder Tab


Step 2. Merge/stitch Panasonic MTS files into one with no conversion.
Then using shift + click to select video clips, drag and drop them to timeline for merging. 


merge panasonic mts without recoding


Step 3. Export the big MTS file without any decoding/encoding
Click the Export button. As there is no video for conversion, just click the OK button for export without any decoding/encoding.


output lossless mts fast speed


The lossless output will be finished in only a few seconds or minutes. Try it yourself for the fastest and keep intact quality for mts stitching.

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