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Full Guide to Setup Windows 7 for PS3 with DLNA Streaming to HDTV

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The HDTV in my living room is non-DLNA compliant. It is the 50-inch Panasonic VIERA TC-P50G25 Plasma HDTV. Even though my PC is running Windows 7 with WMP 12, the videos could not be streamed to the Plasma TV via DLNA. It is quite inconvenient for home sharing.


When looking for the solution for playing videos from PC to non-DLNA TV, I got to know that I could download my Sony XR550 videos from camcorder to PC, connect PlayStation 3 to HDTV via HDMI cable as the media player. The PS3 is generally used as game console. I also use Aunsoft Final Mate to join the AVCHD files from my XR550 to manage the clips for certain occasion and events.


The first thing I do is to make sure PS3 can read the videos from PC. As Windows 7 is DLNA compliant, I just need to make sure the "Windows Media Player Sharing Service" is enabled automatically. Get the clips to the shared folder for video.
setup windows with dlna


Note: The "Windows Media Player Sharing Service" is available in the Service section. Just right-click on My Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services, and you can find "Windows Media Player Sharing Service".


Wait for a while, and PS3 would read the video files from PC. Then for playing AVCHD files flawlessly via DLNA with PS3, we join clips from Sony XR550 into one large file. Run Aunsoft Final Mate, and go to the Resource tab to browse the folder with the .mts files from XR550. Click the Create New Movie button, drag and drop files from Resource tab to the movie ID. Click the Export button and the files will be joined seamlessly for DLNA sharing.
ps3 read video files from pc


If the PS3 does not display the PC as source folder, we shall allow the access to Windows 7 as media server.


Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Advance Sharing Settings, and you would face the window like below:
windows 7 dlna


Make sure the "Network discovery" and "File sharing" are selected as turn on. Go to the Media streaming section and click "Choose media streaming options…" to make sure you allow PS3 for streaming. Then PS3 would read video files from PC for HDTV playback.

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