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Show Lossless MTS Videos on HDTV Based on DLNA

Final Mate

Final Mate

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I have Panasonic HDC-TM700 to shoot videos in MTS format. With it I was able to record my daughter's birthday party last Sunday. But yesterday my parents came and they hoped I can share the birthday party videos with them. Since I had a HDTV and I would like to share with my parents on it based on DLNA. 

As we know, DLNA is a solution for us to make it come true that we can share songs, videos, or other Medias among all of home entertainment devices. I could easily show MTS videos on HDTV based on DLNA.

And the problem was how to merge MTS videos into one with low loss of quality. When searching for effective solution, I happened to find Aunsoft Final Mate with which I could complete the process of showing DLNA MTS on HDTV. I used Final Mate to merge the MTS files into one file which can be stored in my computer and showed on HDTV. There is less quality loss when merging MTS videos into one. Below is the quick guide for you to show Panasonic HDC-TM700 MTS on HDTV based on DLNA. 


Step 1. Guide MTS files into Final Mate for Windows.
Aunsoft Final Mate can detect automatically when the camcorder is connected to computer with the USB cable. Here I show the video on my PC.  
watch MTS on HDTV through DLNA

Step 2. Merge DLNA MTS files into one.
Make sure the MTS files have been guided into project tab by drag and drop them to the time line to create a new project for lossless output. Before merging, you can also rename them to fit your preference. 
watch MTS on HDTV through DLNA

Step 3. Set the path for outputting in Final Mate for Windows.
Click the “Set Output Path” button and then you can find a dialog box. After setting the output path, click the "OK" button and then you can get the video file which is of less loss of quality.

merge MTS files into one

merge MTS files into one

Finally, I succeeded to watch MTS on HDTV through DLNA.

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