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Smoothly Convert Sony HDR XR500V MTS to MP4 for Playing on HDTV

Final Mate

Final Mate

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Although Sony HDR-XR500V has a larger size with its bigger and heavier outer skin compared with other consumer camcorders like HDR-TG5, its built-in 120GB hard disk drive can store up to 48 hours of high definition video footage. Besides, “HDD Smart Protection”helps you prevent recorded videos and images from being lost when the camcorder is dropped by accident. Another useful function is that Sony HDR-XR500V is equiped by a HDMI terminal for connecting to HDTV, but sometimes you may also get in trouble like the video is choppy, the video does not display.


Here I will show you some simple steps to convert 1080i AVCHD MTS videos from Sony HDR-XR500V with Aunsoft Final Mate and join video clips into a single file. Follow the steps below to make the captured home movies accessible to your HDTV.


Step 1. Backup or load Sony HDR-XR500V videos to Aunsoft Final Mate.


You can choose to backup MTS videos from Sony XR500V to your hard disk drive or directly import them to Final Mate when the camcorder is connected to your computer.


Step 2. Create output movie for conversion.


Drag and drop the imported videos from resource tab to the movie tab under it. You will be offered to choose to create one movie or create movies for each video clips. If you want to merge MTS videos together into one file, you can select the homologous option.



Step 3. Choose the right output format for your movie.


Click the format button and choose HD Video > H.264 HD Video(*.mp4) for playing output video on your HDTV. The Sony HDR-XR500V AVCHD Converter will keep the original HD video resolution 1920x1080 for output files.



Step 4. Transcode Sony HDR-XR500V MTS files to MP4 for HDTV.


Click the export button under the preview window and the conversion from 1080i .mts to HD .mp4 in high quality. It is that easy to convert Sony HDR-XR500V MTS to MP4 for HDTV.

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