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Solve No Video Problem after Converting AVCHD to Apple ProRes for FCP X

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

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Some of our customers contact us saying that there is only audio, no video when importing the ProRes 422 files from Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac to FCP X. Here we would like to share with you the reason and the solution to edit ProRes files without video issue in FCP X.




Why no video in FCP X?

Actually, FCP X now supports camcorder AVCHD archive without transcoding to ProRes. But if you got the .mts or .m2ts files without the related .cpi or .mpl files in native structure, you still need to convert AVCHD to Apple ProRes or MOV for editing in FCP X. The native AVCHD editing in FCP X also requires high powered Macs to perform smoothly.


There is no built-in Apple ProRes codec when installing FCP X. Even though the ProRes codec is less compressed, there is related compression for such file. If there is no Apple ProRes codec on Mac, the ProRes files from Aunsoft products like Final Mate for Mac, Video Converter for Mac would not display correctly. And the lack of Apple ProRes codec in FCP X causes the video issue described as the beginning of the article.



From the above mention reason, we can see that the ProRes codec is needed for FCP X. And Apple also provides codecs for QuickTime-based applications like Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, or Compressor 4.


To solve FCP X no video problem, only one step is needed. That is to download and install the ProApps QuickTime Codecs from Apple Downloads section. It is free without charges. 


For more information about converting AVCHD videos to ProRes, just check out the guide: Transcode AVCHD Files to Apple ProRes 422.

Some of our customers contact us saying that there is only audio, no video when importing the ProRes 422 files from Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac to FCP X. Here we would like to share with you the reason and the solution to edit ProRes files without video issue in FCP X. 

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