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Sony HDR-SR10E Camcorder Review - Transfer and Edit AVCHD MTS files on Mac

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Sony HDR-SR10E Camcorder Review


If you want to record at a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, Sony HDR-SR10E is an extremely popular candidate on the market. Beside the excellent screen resolution, Sony HDR-SR10E can record sound in AC-3 surround format (5.1 channels), and the microphone has a really interesting zooming function, found only on high end video cameras. And the biggest quality of the Sony HDR-SR10E camera is that it can record up to 15 hours on the built-in hard-disk which has a capacity of 40 GB.


Sony HDR-SR10E Camcorder Recorded Video/Audio Formats:
HD Recording Format: AVCHD (1920 / 1440 x 1080i)
HD Video Codec: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
SD Recording Format: MPEG-2 (720 x 576 / 480)
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator (5.1ch.)


The Good and Bad of Sony HDR-SR10E Camcorder
Advantages: Excellent quality video; Facial recognition works very well; Decent shooting capacity; Can shoot to HDD or Memory Stick.


Disadvantages: Battery life is short. Lower light performance. Not easy to down load and edit films or create different film formats. No external microphone input or audio input!


Enjoy Sony HDR-SR10E AVCHD Videos on HD TV or PC
If you burn a DVD in an AVCHD video format you’ll be able to play it only on Blu-ray reading device. Otherwise, you are determined to connect the PC to your TV throughout a HDMI cable (if the video board on your PC allows you to) to see the movies on your HD TV or, of course, to see them on your PC screen. It’s mandatory to have a HD video card, in order to use Sony HDR-SR10E. And that’s because the internal hard disk will run out of space and you’ll have to download the content to your PC, using an USB cable.


Transfer Sony HDR-SR10E AVCHD MTS Video on Mac
The HDRSR10E has a USB 2 connection. The G4 Powerbook need to be a model with a USB 2 socket - which was included with 1.33MHz models upwards - then you can plug the cable in, open iMovie and import your video.


Edit Sony HDR-SR10 MTS videos on Final Cut Pro:
Sometimes you can use the Log and Transfer method to import Sony HDR-SR10 .mts files for editing on Final Cut Pro (FCP). However, you may also face the problem that FCP does not recognize the .mts videos. To make it easier for editing Sony HDR-SR10E videos on FCP, it is recommended that you use Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac as the Mac Sony HDR-SR10E MTS Converter. It can not only convert Sony HDR-SR10E .mts videos to HD .mov, but also make it easy for you to merge videos.

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