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Stream Thanksgiving Blu-ray movies to WDTV from NAS via DLNA

Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate

Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate

It provides one-stop solution for converting videos, decrypt/copy/rip BD/DVD for sharing on NAS, Motionbox, YouTube, HD TV, and more.
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As the eldest brother in my big family, it’s a tradition to gather all my family members in my house to have Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a happy thing to see all my younger sisters, brothers, as well as my lovely nephews and nieces talking, laughing around me. When at this time, I always feel my Dad and Mom are still there with us. As time goes by, now I already have 10 nephews and nieces aging from 3 to 10. You can imagine how difficult it is to have all of them sat down quietly when adults are preparing foods.


Last year, I prepared dozens of Blu-ray movies for them, mainly Disney and Pixar movies. I played Toy Story 3 for them, and hope they can quietly wait for the dinner. At the beginning, they seemed well-behaved, but when I came back from the kitchen, oh, my God, I saw them throwing up my Blu-ray discs as flying saucers. I pretended to be angry and asked them to stop, but they did not listen to me at all, and continued shouting, laughing and rolling the discs. Many of the Blu-ray discs were heavily scratched, so this year I didn’t give the kids physical discs anymore.

stream blu-ray to wdtv from nas via dlna


I specially copied several BD movies onto my NAS for the kids, including Kung Fu Panda 2, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Cars, Lion King, Astro Boy, Ice Age, etc. On the Thanksgiving Day, I let my nephews and nieces select their wanted movies one by one, and divided them into 2 groups according to their choices, then streamed those BD movies to my two WD TV players from NAS via DLNA for them (I have two DLNA certified WD TV players, one is in the living room in the first floor, and the other is in the second floor), in that way, when my nephews and nieces were watching their beloved Disney movies upstairs and downstairs respectively, they did not have chance to ruin my Blu-ray discs anymore. Thank goodness!


At the mention of streaming Blu-ray to WD TV Player from NAS via DLNA, Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate helped me a lot. I was suggested to rip Blu-ray to DLNA sanctioned format H.264 .mp4, and finally successfully streamed the ripped Blu-rays saved on my NAS to my WD TV Live Hub player via DLNA. The Blu-ray to DLNA ripping is able to be finished within three simple steps. See as showing:
rip blu-ray to dlna

1. Add Blu-ray files to the software. There are three ways available to load Blu-ray source files, including:  
- Directly loading from a Blu-ray drive;
- Loading from a Blu-ray folder stored on your hard drive,
- Directly loading a Blu-ray ISO image file.


2. Select “H.264 Video (*.mp4)” as target format for DLNA streaming
Note: if you wanna directly output the ripped Blu-ray files onto your NAS server, you can click “Browse” button to select it as destination path.


3. Click convert button to start Blu-ray to DLNA ripping
Note: if you only need rip BD/DVD movies for DLNA streaming, you can try Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper, the ultimate version integrated a video conversion feature together. My understanding of the two programs:
Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate = a Blu-ray Ripper + a DVD Ripper + a Video Converter
Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper = a Blu-ray Ripper + a DVD Ripper


Back to the point, as soon as the ripping process is done, click “Open” button to get the output files saved on the NAS for DLNA streaming. Streaming the ripped Blu-ray to a WD TV player, an Android phone, or some DLNA certified devices else as you like. If you have a big house, DLNA is really wonderful, it means the freedom to access, enjoy and share music, photos and videos/movies at any corner of your home. It enables you to connect all of your digital products (DLNA certified) – regardless of the manufacturers. Through DLNA, your PC can talk to your TV, your cell phone can communicate with your printer, and your WD TV HD player can interact with your NAS server as I did.
blu-ray to dlna ripping

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