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Set Output Setting

You can set the output format and the saving position that you need in the following file list.


Set the saving place, the last folder icon is to let you select the destination folder you want to put.


And you will have another choice that is to select the front icon to put the output video to the place at where original SWF files were stayed.


Select an output format from bundles of format list below.


If you want to convert to AVI with Alpha. Please first select the the follow RGBA32 AVI profile and then




Settings: The senior settings about the output files for the experienced users.

About Video Settings:

You can select the parameters from the list or write your needed one manually. Both can meet your requirements except the Video Codec option that can be selected only from the list.

About Audio Settings:

You can just select the parameters from the list only without the option that can be written by users manually.


Video Settings & Audio Settings


Video Settings

You can set Codec, Bit Rate, Size, Frame Rate to optimize the quality of the video.

Audio Settings

You can set Codec, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, and Channels to make the quality of audio better.


You can click "Edit" buttons for the menu to edit the files which you wish to rip including six sections: Crop, Text Watermark, Image/Video Watermark, Effect, Vertical Flip, and Horizontal Flip.


Crop: Cut off the black edges of the image and set the aspect ratio.

Text Watermark: To add text watermark to the video.

Image/ Video Watermark: To add image or video watermark to the video.

Effect: Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation of the video. Choose the special effect from Simple gauss blur, Simple laplacian sharpen, Gray, Flip color, Invert, and Aged film.

Flip Vertical : To let the video picture flip vertically.

Flip Horizontal : To let the video picture flip horizontally.

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