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Klaus Rahka a satisfied Video Converter for Mac user

Klaus Rahka

I am copying old 8mm movies and need some color correction and vertical flip, both of which are provided by Aunsoft. Also 1080/50p clips are converted beautifully, which complement my iMovie software elegantly.



Tom S a satisfied MTS Converter user

Tom S

I just wanted to say that my wife's camera does videos in MTS format, and while we don't record videos very often sometimes we do a bunch at once. Your software has worked perfectly, too! Last time I needed it was a year ago, and I'd lost my original install file since then. So I just logged back in, redownloaded it, and re-got my registration code. So easy!


I really appreciate it that you all make a great product and make it easy for users to get what they need from your website to get on with the converting, and I reckoned you should know that you're doing good stuff.


Thank you very much!

Normand Cyr a satisfied MTS Converter user

Norman Cyr

"I'm very satisfied with Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter, up to now the result is #1 and exactly as I want, unlike with many other solutions that I tried which all have or give something not right for me.I convert all videos that I record with my camcorders, no exception. I use two Panasonic camcorders: HDC-TM700 and HDC-TM900 (same as 700 but newer version). I keep most of my original .m2ts files as "masters" and often convert again some part that I originally discarded, this because I do a lot of work on them, advanced "filtering", montage, alternate sound tracks and so on, that I revisit and/or rework later on. So I use the converter a lot.


With Aunsoft converter I make an initial conversion of the .m2ts files without any transformation or effect, no de-interlacing or anything except some triming, for further edition with different tools (e.g. Virtualdub, Motion Perfect, Corel Video Studio, etc, and some of my own analyses and editions in a general Math package such as MathCad).


I convert to the .avi container, divX codec using the divX Pro interface options; notably, I use the largest possible bitrate which after conversion turns to be close to 32 000 kbps, and only 10 frames between key frames. These become my "master" files for further edition.I very recently changed my computer for a new one and then bought the most recent version of your mts converter. I'm even more pleased than before because the GUI now looks better than with the older version I had."


MTS Converter User
Normand Cyr

Nino King a satisfied TransMXF for Mac user

Nino King

"My company recently decided to produce our 'first annual' talent show. The owner's original idea was a Karaoke machine and a microphone, but our Vice President took this project to heart and spared no expense to make this a hit; custom built stage at our loading dock, elaborate sound system and lighting, even a red carpet and velvet rope for the owner and his family to sit front row. The talent within our company was astounding; country singers, rappers, hard rock and even a harmonica solo that would have made John Mayall jealous. It was a huge success and everyone had a great time.


The only weak link in our production however, was the videographer. Although he obtained some good footage of the event, it was handed to us on a hard drive as just raw MXF files; no editing, no conversion, nothing watchable on any system in the entire company. Then… he simply disappeared quicker than Hootie and the Blowfish.


With a company full of talent wanting to see their performances I was desperate to at least convert these files into something watchable. I discovered your Aunsoft Conversion Program with the simple Google search 'convert MXF to QuickTime or WMV'. I was extremely happy with this product. It is very intuitive and user friendly and in a matter of hours I was able to convert all the MXF files into watchable, and useable video files! Thank you Aunsoft for this program. "


Director of Marketing
Ace Industrial Supply

James a satisfied TransMXF for Mac user

Your program has worked perfectly, but there's a story behind it...


I'm a film student over at Oxford, and as part of my degree course, I've been making a short film. There have been a lot of equipment issues - batteries failing, tripods breaking, sound recording issues, you name it - although, naturally, that's the nature of student filmmaking. However, the last straw came when I was supplied with the camera we've been using - the Canon DSLR Mark 2 - with two batteries, neither of which had any charge.

So, when it came to reshoots, I had a discussion with another department, who then loaned me the Canon XF305 - a beautiful camera, but nobody mentioned that it encodes to .mxfs. So when I came to upload the footage to final cut pro, obviously, there was a problem.

I struggled for two days trying to port the footage through Handbrake and then through MPEG Streamclip to get them into a workable format - and when half of those didn't work, I then tried to get FCP to port the Handbrake conversions, but it would have taken approximately eight hours per minute of footage (and we only had one other computer that would do it, so...)

Then I found your software.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a poor, broke student, but having tried the trial version, I thought the £25 would be well-spent. And it was; your software encoded all my footage into the AIC codec for FCP in a matter of hours, and it did it so perfectly, without any fuss. (One thing, though; FCP 7 complains of compatibility issues when the footage is uploaded even though it's specifically in the file format for FCP. This led to a couple of codec problems later, but nothing major).

With all the footage encoded, I was able - with some wrangling - to get my film project finished and put together by the end of the day yesterday.

Without your software, it's safe to say that this would never have happened.



A Student From Oxford


Asif Zubairy a satisfied Video Converter for Mac user

Fast, Efficient and Effective.


I'm a London-based TV Producer/Director running Mac 10.6.8 and using Final Cut Pro 10.0.3. I'd just shot some material on NTSC on a Canon XF305 for a client in Chicago for a rush job. By the time I'd gotten back from the shoot, the client was waiting in an Avid suite in Chicago, waiting for me to upload the 8 short (2mins or so) clips that could be cut in and used to complete a package. The clips were pretty important, the client wanted them on a ProRes/H264 format and I hadn't much time: the edit session was going to finish in about 30 minutes. FCP is supposed to ingest Canon's MXF files but on this occasion it wouldn't. I didn't have time to e-mail FCP support and couldn't resolve the conflict using preferences or settings on either the camera or Mac. So I looked on-line and read about Aunsoft. I downloaded it and was relieved to find that, first, it could recognise the MXF files (FCP could see them but not let me access them). I then found the format I needed the MXF files to be converted to and did a batch convert. Uploading was agonisingly slow as I watched the clock and ignored the e-mails I could see coming in from the Chicago edit suite looking for the clips. Once I saw them all uploaded, I called the editor who confirmed receipt of the material. I later got a really grateful e-mail from the client. From clicking the Aunsoft link to the final upload, about half an hour. If only for that job, the software would have been worth it. As it is, I've started to look at its other applications and I'm really impressed. I'm a very grateful and happy Aunsoft customer! Oh, and if anyone else needs some London or UK footage (especially with the Olympics coming up!), please feel free to drop me an e-mail at: You know you'll get your stuff by the deadline!


Asif Zubairy

Director from Terebi.Biz Ltd.


Joseph a satisfied Final Mate for Mac user

As I am using several Video cameras to record  scientific and engineering experiments as aid to further development , which meant different video formats , in the needs to translate the end products for viewing on various computer operating systems. I have find  aunsoft quality output better than any expectations and surpassing other tested competitive systems.


Joseph Bertony , FIEAust CPEng(ret) Executive director, J Bertony Pty Limited, a Engineering Systems R&D company


Jose a satisfied Blu-ray Ripper for Mac & iMedia Converter for Mac user

In my experience with multiple tech-firms and customer support departments, Aunsoft shines well above most competitors. I have relied on Aunsoft for all my video requirements for the past three years and I'm very happy with the extraordinary service and value that the company provides. Indeed, Aunsoft's Tech support and dedicated customer service are only matched by those offered by Apple and, in that sense, are well above most Tech companies. The extraordinary diligence and resolute expertise are unmatched and always yield full resolution to every single technical issue I've encountered. This gives Aunsoft a dynamic and timely evolution that keeps their service current and in a unique competitive position. Aunsoft's support team is simply great and their support is outstanding! 


Jon McBain A Level Architect working in video games

Aunsoft Video Converter Review


Some of my friends have asked me what I use to convert videos to place onto my Droid X, Xoom and my wife’s Ipad. I always tell them Aunsoft Video Converter.


I have tried other converters, but found Aunsofts to be the best one I have used.


It’s intuitive to use with the simple drag and drop interface. You then select the profile you would like to export the video out to, in my case, it’s usually for either my Droid X or Xoom. If you are a Apple user, not problem there either, it has plenty of different profiles to work with many different devices. After that, you simply tell it where to save the converted file and hit the large convert button. I’m not sure if it could be any easier to use.


It does allow you to tinker around with the settings if you are comfortable doing that. The profiles are all editable and allow you to change the resolutions, bit rates etc… I have created different profiles to get the most out of certain movies and then use the standard ones for everything else. It’s great having the option to do that.


I also like the look of the software. It’s easy on the eyes with windows where you would expect them. You don’t even need to read directions to get going, the conversion steps are laid out in the interface in an intuitive way. You install it, click, click, click and your video is ready to be played on the device of your choice.


I think a good question to ask yourself when you evaluate software is, would you buy it again? I certainly would.


Mario A professional filmmaker

Importing Sony AVCHD files in AVID Composer could be sometimes problematic, as a direct import could generate artifacts. For a filmmaker solving this issue could be quite important when trying to mix footage from different sources (for example HDV and AVCHD) in the same project. Since the beginning of 2011, I have been using Aunsoft MTS Converter and I am fully satisfied with the conversion, whichever the intermediate codec I have been choosing. Although now, with the new AVID Composer 6.0, it is possible to work directly on the AVCHD files with the AMA function, I am still using the conversion with the MTS Converter, which assures me less worries for the final export. I also tried Aunsoft Final Mate but I still find it not that flexible (batch import and renaming of files, importing of selected files for example). Of course this is also because, as a professional, I don't need to edit the AVCHD files as such. I have been quite impressed also
by the rapid, super-kind and friendly support to customer provided by Aunsoft.


Luc BERNARD A satisfied Final Mate for Mac user

My favorite hobbies are horses riding and video productions. They are coupled by the fact that I produce multi-camera movies of horses shows in order to allow riders to see possible improvements.

My main camera is a JVC HD Pro recording in XDCAM EX (1080i50) and I'm used to achieve NLE with Apple Final Cut Pro 7 on a Mac Pro station (XDCAM EX is natively recognized in the timeline).

My additional cameras are less expensive Sony prosumer/consumer AVCHD devices; AVCHD is a nice format to display on a TV set but not for editing (it's not natively integrated within the timeline).

To my opinion the best way to integrate various video formats in a Final Cut timeline is to rely on ProRes 422 pivot format; this means efficiently converting my AVCHD footages.

That's were Aunsoft enters the game with Final Mate for Mac: a powerful, easy to use converter delivering excellent quality ProRes 422 outputs (with all flavours - HQ, LT & Proxy), leaving the audio part intact.

On my Mac Pro it's pretty fast to convert and the integration with FCP works like a charm (I will soon test it with FCP X since the current process for importing AVCHD into FCP X looks cumbersome by requiring the camera).

In addition to that, I must say there is a fantastic after-sales / support team behind the product; something rare by these days.


Thanks for this product and thanks to the company !

Wassili Works in the financial services industry.

I've tested ClipWrap, Toast, Aunsoft, and FCPX on AVCHD 1920x1080 p50, i50, and p25 video transcoding the MTS files to ProRes and ProRes HQ. On the progressive 50fps (p50) I could only compare you to Toast as ClipWrap will not transcode and FCPX will not ingest and transcode to ProRes progressive 50fps MTS files, and that wasn't a even fair comparison because the transcoding of Toast is not very good to begin with and you beat them by miles. So I was left comparing the interlaced 50fps and the progressive 25fps MTS transcoded files among your software, ClipWrap, and FCPX.

When it comes to the interlaced 50fps (i50) transcoded ProRes files you beat ClipWrap by miles and also had much better results than the FCPX transcoded file as the jagged interlaced lines could be seen there (no deinterlacing going on, I guess). When it comes to the progressive 25fps MTS files, your transcoding into ProRes or ProRes HQ was discernibly better than FCPX and equal I would say to ClipWrap in this case. I liked your colors better than ClipWrap's, though. So I'm ready to say that Aunsoft MTS Converter is the best software to transcode MTS files into ProRes and ProRes HQ that I've tried including Apple's Compressor.

-- Wassili
Chuck Frye From US

I was looking for a MTS converter that would convert 1080/60p files from my Panasonic SD600 to a format that could be uploaded to Youtube without losing quality.  I read  someone's positive review of the converter and went to your website and downloaded the trial version.  After seeing the results I was impressed and knew I needed the converter right away.

Source files were in 1080/60p format.  I was running a series of tests on my new Panasonic HDC SD600 at the Arnold Sports Festival.  If you do a channel search for  Quarterback2008 you will see several videos that were uploaded after using MTS Converter.  Probably the most popular one is the Bikini Internaltional Amateur Prejudging video.   This was a quick edit with no color grading.  If you set resolution to 1080P and watch it on a large monitor the result is stunning.

-- Chuck Frye
Michael Howlett A satisfied Video Converter for Mac user

I mainly shoot on a Canon 60D but lately have been using a Sony DSC-TX10 for times when the location or situation has meant that a more discreet (or waterproof!) camera was desirable. The TX10 shoots AVHCD which is not compatible with Final Cut Pro and I did quite a bit of research before I came across Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac. After using the trial version I knew I'd found the converter I'd been looking for. It's fast, simple to use and converts MTS files to any codec I could possibly need, all in top quality.

For the video below I converted all the files from .MTS (1080i) to Apple ProRes 422 (.MOV) - (please keep in mind the limitations of YouTube's compression when viewing):


On top of all this, their customer support is second to none. 


David Sipmann A satisfied MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac user

I started using Aunsoft products right after getting my first AVCHD camera two years ago. The products they make are outstanding for the price. Their MTS convertor has allowed me to transcode my videos quickly into the formats that I need for editing in Final Cut Pro. I recommend Aunsoft products to anyone in the video production business who needs reliable software for their PC or MAC.


--David Sipmann
Producer / Director
Lightray Productions

Rod Graham A satisfied Final Mate user

I have been a satisfied customer of aunsoft since the first time I ran across your website. Information was displayed in such a way as to make it easy to find what I wanted.

Ordering was a snap and everything worked the way it was advertised. Customer support is excellent, I goofed an order and you took care of my goof immediately!


I highly recommend aunsoft to anyone who has the need for your products.


--Rod Graham
San Juan, TX

Hans From US

I use a JVC AVCHD camera to record and view them on a bigscreen through a AC Ryan Playon media-player. This little device plays MTS directly. So I just needed a gluestick for all the seperate parts.

Almost every other piece of software crippled the quality as it converted it to antoher format. Even iMovie did the job really bad, and was time-consuming. The convertion took longer than the actual video's. Lot's of artefacts in the image that weren't supposed to be there.... Shortly: it sucked and I didn't even like it :-) Should be easier.

Now I use the Aunsoft ' losless' option to directly glue all the parts together. And it really is lossless. And it doesn't take any more time then just to copy the files. Very cool.

I almost never edit my footage because they are just homevid's. And the whole circus to just get the movies to play on the bigscreen was holding me back from recording. Now I can record again with pleasure, because now I can record, drag & drop, watch. Simple as that. And that's because of your software! So..... well done!!

-- cheers, Hans!
John Roll Social Security Disability Examiner

I consider myself a casual user and have been using both Windows and Mac almost on a daily basis for the past 23 years. My video experience began with a VHS camera, VHS-C and through the video 8 phase (analog and digital) and finally I found myself updating to a Sony HDR-CX 150 late in 2010. I also updated my Mac and PC computers recently as well.

Having children, I often find that their DVDs became scratched and unplayable. I used a couple of programs to make copies of them so I can keep the originals in a safe place. Needless to say, as time moves on, so do the companies and technology. With buying updated hardware, I needed updated software. I searched and tested several pieces of software to fit my needs. I finally found and purchased iMedia Converter and found it much more functional (and less expensive) than the software that I had used for several years. I could use iMedia Converter to complete several tasks including converting .MTS files. Of course I needed software that would work on the PC as well and that is where Aunsoft's  Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate fit in.

Again, since upgrading both my Mac and PC systems, I found that I needed to upgrade my video capturing software as well. I thought I would give Final Mate a try. The ease of use, versatility and of course the price were everything that I needed to fill the void. You can be up and editing within minutes and without reading pages and pages of manuals.

I also must mention the sales/support teams have been very responsive and professional with all correspondence.

-- John Roll
Ian Skelley Director

At the DMe Network we teach students video and audio production using Final Cut Pro, and one of the things we find ourselves needing the most is an effective way to encode video into different formats. After working with a number of encoders, Aunsoft's Video Converter has proved to be an invaluable tool. Our students are now more able to effectively distribute their content in a quality manner. What a great tool!

-- Ian Skelley
Michael Cox writer

I just purchased Aunsoft's converter after reading this blog and within about a minute I had it figured out and was converting my Canon XF100's .mxf files to QuickTime intermediate format. It works like a charm. You do need to know that you are choosing the .mxf file within the nested folders on a CF card: contents>clips>AA>filename.mxf. Don't try to convert the XML or other info.

Aunsoft's converter will convert both audio and video to your destination format. It's well worth the price; if only Canon or Apple would have made this easier, but still, thankfully, there's Aunsoft. So I am very grateful for this product. It does as advertised, does it quickly and without alot of intermediate steps required of the user, and does it cleanly.

-- Michael Cox


Chen Yuxin A commercial film director.

I am a commercial film director from Xiamen in China. Our company (Gemstudios AD.) goes into shooting and making the advertising film. I use Mac Final Cut Pro to do post-editing. Our work often requires customers to provide some video footage. The video format is often varied, such as MTS, M2TS, FLV, MPEG, WMV ...... some can not be supported by Mac OS. So we need to convert these videos to MOV for editing, especially the material from AVCHD video camera. If the AVCHD entire directory structure is reserved, then we can use FCP "Log and Transfer" for importing and conversion. But in this case, 50p and 60P frame rate can not be retained.

As for those MTS files without the entire directory structure, they can not be imported to FCP with "Log and Transfer". Therefore, we need to find conversion software which can process MTS and other formats directly to MOV video files, supporting 50P and 60P format. I tried several conversion programs, only Aunsoft's Video Converter for Mac supports Apple ProRes for FCP and Avid DnxHd format. In term of this feature, I firmly believe this is a professional software and then immediately pay for it.

This software is very user-friendly and efficient, mastering it without seeing any tutorial. Of course, no software is without a flaw. When I test a WMV format conversion, I ran into problems. For the motion picture, you will see the distorted image in the preview screen, the same for the final result. However for a relatively static picture there is no any problem. I emailed to Aunsoft after-sale service. They immediately give a reply and do the test. Windows version will not have this problem, and it does exist on Mac OS. Customer service attitude is very good and provided the alternitive solution for me. I believe their software will be better and better. Keep up the good work.

-- Chen Yuxin
Mr. Stacy Muller. A video editor and visual effects man



That's what Aunsoft's Video Converter for Mac at only about $40 Cdn meant for me - a video editor and visual effects man.


The first Eureka:

For years I've been looking for software that could deinterlace the motion areas of interlaced HD footage with minimal degradation of the still areas, only to find that even some of the better "adaptive deinterlacers" such as that found in the free MPEG Streamclip (which works very well for DV footage) were not up to the job for high def video. But Aunsoft's software gave comparatively astonishing results! And no fuss - just toggle on the deinterlacing option! I no longer loathe HD interlaced footage as much as I used to, or the prospect of doing visual effects using such footage now that I can properly deinterlace it! Footage from a cheaper camcorder can now look a little closer to something from a much more expensive progressive scan pro-sumer camera, with an odd advantage to the original interlacing in that it results in diminishing the chance of an overabundance of shutter roll distortion for objects in horizontal motion seen in progressive scan CMOS cameras (given that the deinterlacer takes an image in motion scanned in 1/60th of a second from one field rather than the standard 1/30th of a second).


The second Eureka:

For months I've been trying to incorporate small clips from commercial DVD's into my Final Cut Express timeline such that they could be scaled up and interleaved with high definition footage - using the good quality mp4 files that I extracted from the DVD's using the free HandBrake (before I knew that Aunsoft provides a more direct solution with their Blu-ray Ripper - perhaps my next purchase along with a Blu-ray drive!). Converting these clips into DV and even AIC using Quicktime degraded them with noticeable pixelation, blotching and softening, while also creating a headache for adjusting the aspect ratio manually into something acceptable. But Aunsoft's software preserved the aspect ratio and the quality (ie. sharpness) of the original clips - even appearing at times to improve the scaled up image in smoothing rough aliasing without needing to soften the overall picture. Simply drop the new AIC files into Final Cut Express and the proper aspect ratio and letter box is applied, as the entire width of a widescreen video (no matter how wide) is automatically scaled up to cover the full 1920 width!

-- Mr. Stacy Muller.


Christopher Rogers Writer

My name is Christopher Rogers. And my profession is writer/author.I have been searching for FOUR DAYS to try to find a program that will convert .swf to .mp4. I've found several but one or more of these things happened or something else not even listed here: (a) the video was blurry; (b) the audio didn't sync; (c) the program crashed during conversion; (d) it would upload to YouTube but wouldn't show a picture in full screen; (e) etc. etc. etc.

Then came your software-swf converter. It is SO excellent. I had to test it TWICE to believe it. It's (a) FAST, (b) HIGH quality--I can even read smaller print in my video; (c) the audio is exactly like the original; (d) it shows just perfectly in full screen in YouTube; (e) it uploads incredibly fast to Youtube, etc...

Please extend my appreciation and my applause to your developers.

-- Christopher Rogers
Jose M. Barrionuevo Finance Securities Industry

My name is Jose M. Barrionuevo and I work in the finance securities industry. I also love high definition movies and pictures. I had a lot of difficulties in developing a digital library of family movies until I found Aunsoft. Aunsoft makes remarkable programs that helps you store family movies in files that can be shared with family and friends..

Their products are simply outstanding and their product support service is simply sensational, with extraordinary dedication and diligence to help you address any issues that you may encounter. They stand behind their software in a way that I haven't seen any other company do, rivalring the unparallel customer service of Apple products. They work one-on-one with you until your issue is firmlly resolved. I had a specific issue with a movie that I promise my daughter I would give her for her birthday and they worked with me until the issue was fully resolved.

I strongly recommend their products, as they stand far above similar products by competitors that don't have the same software capabilities, let alone their unique and outstanding customer service and product support. I'm very grateful for the personalized attention and help in allowing me to develop my family video library.

-- Jose M. Barrionuevo
Kee Seng From Singapore

I am Kee Seng from Singapore and I like to take videos ever since I got married in 1997. I started using HD camcorders in 2007 but couldn't find a suitable media player to play the m2ts files on my TV without pausing inbetween the files. I began looking for a either a suitable player or a software to merge the files since then.

I chanced upon Aunsoft MTS/M2TS converter and purchased it after trying out the trial version. The deinterlacing feature is very impressive but I can see that there is a slight loss in video quality after merging the .m2ts files into .ts format, which I can accept because it was the best merger I had come across so far.

A few days after I purchased Aunsoft MTS/M2TS converter, the Aunsoft Final Mate was launched and I purchased it immediately as I was quite satisfied with the first product. There is no loss in quality this time round and the merging is very fast. I am 100% satisfied with this software.

-- Kee Seng


Stefan Cismaroiu Kitchener, Canada

I am Test System Specialist and a hobbyist photographer as well and I really enjoy life as is… :).  We  (my wife & I) are waiting our first baby early next year and for this reason (not only for this really since I like gadgets) I have bought a HD camcorder (1080/60p) to capture moments of joy, present and future ones.  Recently I purchased Final Mate to use it with my HD camcorder.  I do own other video converters from Aunsoft (Mac and Windows) however what made me to purchase Final Mate was NVIDIA CUDA and integration with my HD camcorder.  I use merge/join and I do hope to use the other options that come with Final Mate.  For the moment I will use HD *.MKV and HD *.MOV output formats that will be stored on my NAS. Bottom line is that Final Mate is the perfect “mate” for my video editing.

-- Stefan Cismaroiu
Mike Tan Therapeutic Bodywork Teacher & Practitioner

Hello, I am a Therapeutic Bodywork teacher & practitioner ( in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am very happy with Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac for editing and converting my bodywork training videos for my students from my Panasonic HiDef camcorder. I evaluated several tools with similar features and chose Aunsoft for the following reasons:

• Compatibility with AVCHD and multiple audio/video encoding formats
• Conversion speed was very fast for many formats and lightweight on my CPU
• Deinterlacing feature worked very well, which was important for my camcorder
• User Interface allows editing changes to be applied to multiple video clips
• Ability to change many conversion settings and save in custom profiles
• Very reasonable purchase price and excellent end-user support

Thank you Aunsoft for an excellent product and support. I look forward to seeing this
product extended in the future!

-- Mike Tan
Simca Heled Cellist and Conductor
I am a cellist and conductor and have many clips on YouTube and elsewhere. In my efforts to find a ripping program which shows videos with perfect synchronization between the picture and the sound, I tried tens of programs with disappointing results until I found (by chance) Blu-ray ripper.

Not only that it did the job of synchronization perfectly - but is was easy to use and offered many additional options to download-and-improve the original material. As they say: "Try it-you'll like it" - I DID.

-- Simca Heled
Mario Cuccodoro Video editor and post-production specialist
Mario Cuccodoro - co-fouder of -. “iMedia Converter for Mac is a very flexible encoder. It can encode/transcode practically every different type of video (even BDMV folders from Blu-Rays) to the most common actual formats for the newest Apple/non-Apple devices (iPhone4, iPad, Xbox, PS3, etc.....) and at the best quality level! Last, but not least, it is very very fast. It is builded up with all the Snow Leopard features to use all the computer power. This is my video-encoder of choice (and video is my job :-)”

-- Mario Cuccodoro
Randy "R Dub!" Williams President of Fusion Radio Networks
My name is Randy "R Dub!" Williams, President of Fusion Radio Networks.  We're a radio syndication company with programs that air on over 100 radio stations internationally and our advertisers include Wal-Mart, Geico, Coca-Cola, NBC and Nestlé.

I needed video conversion software to complete a project for our marketing. Thank goodness for Aunsoft.  With so many conversion programs and software companies out there, how do you choose?  Well for me, it was all about reliability, security and customer support.  And Aunsoft passed the test for all three.  Their products are also very user-friendly--I don't have time to read a hundred-page manual, and with Aunsoft, I didn't have to.  I ordered, downloaded, and minutes later I was converting the files I needed for my project. Well done guys.

-- Randy "R Dub!" Williams


Konstantin Erman Software Developer

My name is Konstantin Erman and I’m software developer living in Seattle USA. My wife Viktoriya and I have infant twins and I’ve bought a digital HD camcorder to share the joy with extended family living in Europe.


YouTube is a natural way to share the videos, but unfortunately it does not accept footage longer than 15 minutes. One of the videos I wanted to share was 29 minutes, so I had to split it. I’ve spent literally a week trying to find the right software to split AVCHD (MTS) video files. I tried several free tools, but they all appeared to be undercooked and failed. I tried trial editions of some serious video editing packages, but they all were too hard to use for my trivial task and results were still not satisfactory.


Eventually I found Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter and it solved my problem easy and with good quality. As a bonus it helped to deinterlace my videos which I also struggled with. I highly recommend Aunsoft for novice videographers.

-- Konstantin Erman

Brian Murphy Multimedia Artist for Digital Dreamland

My name is Brian Murphy from California. I am a multimedia artist for Digital Dreamland ( Aunsoft's MTS Converter provides me an easy and quality solution to converting all of my Hi-Def camcorder footage into manageable files that can be made for on-the-go portability on media players or archived to disc.


I love the "Merge into one file" feature allowing many separate files to be merged into a single playable file encoded to my preference. The features are abundant and not restrictive. I can re-encode footage to any desirable size and bit rate and those are choices that professionals really value in their software. Aunsoft's customer service has shown tremendous interest in making sure I as a customer am happy and are always looking to improve their software with the advice of those who are using it. It's companies like Aunsoft that make a huge difference in a world of cookie-cutter encoders. Keep up the fantastic work!

-- Brian Murphy

Glenn Cassim Photographer

I primarily work in offshore research, but I am an avid photographer also by profession. I am currently working on a new website for display and marketing of my many world-wide photos and videos. While the business has moved on from a few years ago, my old website,, shows some of my work.


In terms of software, I do own some professional photo and video editing and presentation software. However, I needed a smaller, tightly integrated package that allowed me to batch together some small video and photo presentations, plus give me the benefit of converting videos from various formats. Having software that also allowed to back up DVDs and Blu-ray disks so they can be viewed while travelling (which I do a lot of) would be an added bonus.


I did a lot of testing of various software packages, all with remarkably similar looks and functionality. There were more than 20 programs with a similar idea, but I found all things were not equal...   


Your program stood out as the most robust, most capable with all the features I needed. It was well presented and laid out, and allows a no-nonsense work-flow that just gets the job done quickly without fuss. It also struck me that your website was professional, and updated often, which combined with the quality of software itself, was what eventually sold me, finally opting for your Blu-Ray Video Converter Ultimate. Keep up the good work.

-- Cass