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AVCHD to ProRes for FCP, to AIC for iMovie—Thanksgiving Videos Editing

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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Thanksgiving Day has over 390 years history in America. In this day, all the families get together to enjoy the holiday. Eat turkey and pumpkin pies, play games and exchanges their presents. Most families choose to record such sweet moments with a camcorder. After then they could share the movies on a large-screen player, such as WDTV with all the families and friends. Or they could upload the videos to YouTube, sharing with strangers.

thanksgiving videos to fcp 7

That's actually what I usually do in Thanksgiving Day. I have a Panasonic HDC-TM900, which capture 1080p full HD videos. I prefer to edit these videos before sharing, and I have downloaded Final Cut Pro 7 and iMovie to help me edit. Both the two editors are powerful. I can add subtitles for the videos, correct color and add transition effects. But you know, they are designed by Apple, so there must always be some bigoted problems, such as the video format problem.

thanksgiving movies to imovie

For example: last Thanksgiving Day, I was really puzzled about my AVCHD files when connecting to the editors. After captured over 30 video clips, I have to transfer these videos to my editors. But they refused to read the files. Even when there is "log and transfer" in FCP 7, I still have to import all the information of videos into FCP X, including the BDMV files. This would cost me too much time, so I have to look for a convenience solution. And finally I found conversion is a pretty good choice. This solution could not only make FCP or iMovie support the videos, but also shorten much time on the process of rendering.

Conversion means changing the video format from AVCHD to correct formats: AIC for iMovie and Apple ProRes for FCP. And then I downloaded several such video converters, but the result made me really disappointed. Take xxx Video Converter as the example. This software could help me to get new videos with correct formats. But when converting, many temporary files were created, which always made my Mac crash. And the new videos are in horrible quality. The images are jumpy and usually video and audio came out of sync. Headache, headache and headache! How can I get a perfect video even after the conversion?

Luckily, I finally found Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac, which can totally solve my problems. This software could support various video formats to import in, including AVCHD. And it also supports all kinds of formats to export. Maybe the following pictures could show you how it works.
avchd to prores for fcp

You see, the red words have told you how to use this software totally. What you need is just to click the different buttons to complete the "importing, converting and exporting" steps. And don't worry about the quality of new videos. As there must be quality loss in the conversion, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac could control the loss to the least. So the new videos will look the same as original ones.

If you are a camcorder fan, may another product of Aunsoft will bring you surprise: Final Mate for Mac. This software is mainly for HD camcorder users, and it could be considered as the best camcorder assistant till now. It can also convert the AVCHD to correct formats with high quality, what's more, it could still help to manage the camcorder files. With camcorder wizard, you can easily select, backup and import the files. Before the conversion, you can do basic edit for the videos, such as merge, split, cut and trim. This will make your videos more acceptable. And it also supports the lossless output, which means changing nothing of your original AVCHD fiels. So, when you just need such basic edit to the videos, it's not necessary to open professional editor such as FCP and iMovie anymore.
avchd to aic for imovie

All in a word, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac and Final Mate for Mac could even solve all the problems when dealing with the HD camcorder videos. They could support Lossless output original videos, Rewrap to MKV, basic Edit to videos and Convert video formats. And these will be necessary for everyone to get a perfect video. I have uploaded my FCP to X version. And I'm still eager for the Thanksgiving Day of this year. I do believe with Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac and Final Mate for Mac, my vacation will be totally different from before.

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