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Thanksgiving Family Videos to WDTV, YouTube, Video Editors and iDVD

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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In my childhood, memories of Thanksgiving stay on nice food, funny games and mysterious presents. Even when I graduated from the university and started to work in Detroit, scenes that families sat around the Turkey and Pumpkin Pie came to my dream every night. Just like the song: Those are such happy times. But now the jobs had eaten up my time staying with families, which always made me sad.
thanksgiving family videos

As hometown in Milwaukee, my parents were both FedEx managers before and now retired at home. They fed me and my two younger sisters through the hard-working. And we three were their pride. But when we were grown up and got jobs in different cities, to get the families together became more and more difficult. One of my sisters is in Chicago as the other in Cleveland. In my memories after 20, the only chance we can get together is Thanksgiving Day, even not the Christmas. Every Thanksgiving Day, we three returned home from different cities, enjoyed the two-day time and then back to work. Even when the vacation was over, parents said to us:" You left, Nothing left." we still have nothing to do to change this. All of us wish to see faces of parents and talk to them anytime we want, but what can we do?
convert thanksgiving videos to prores

Things were changed since last Thanksgiving Day: I got a HD camcorder and a YouTube account number. That Thanksgiving Day was the most memorable festival. The camcorder helped me record all the moments we family members being together: enjoying turkey, playing games and exchanging presents. That night, we enjoyed the videos on the WDTV. Soft lights shined and laughs filled in the room, but I can even saw tears in everyone's eyes. Family love had moved us totally. In that night, I uploaded the videos to YouTube, left parents and sisters a link so that they can re-enjoy the videos anytime they want.
lossless output avchd videosUpload videos to YouTube or Share on WDTV

Of course there were some problems when I handle these videos. You know: the HD camcorder could capture AVCHD files, which supply the best video effects, but our WDTV can't support this format directly. If I convert the video format to MKV, the broadcast will be successfully. But I didn't choose this way as conversion will change Quality of my videos meanwhile. A product which is called Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac gave me the best solution: Rewrap AVCHD to MKV. This process is different from Conversion. It was described that basic codec of the original videos will not be changed. They just convert the videos by changing the container. That will make none quality loss in much shorter time than conversion. I tried, and the result was just like what they say: AVCHD to MKV, Quality Lossless and super Fast.
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Lossless output original videos or Rewrap to MKV

When I tried to upload the videos to YouTube, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac supplied me enough help. That's because YouTube has a time limited, I can't upload the videos all together. So I use this software to edit my videos. I also have other video editors. But all of them are too large and heavy, which will use large amount of system resources. If Final Mate for Mac supports the basic edit, why should I open the other editors? With the help of Final Mate for Mac, I carefully merge the video clips to a whole one. And then I cut off the unwanted parts to get better effects. After all was done, I got a perfect video, which was loved by everybody in the family.

It seems Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac is really great. It even knows what I want! And its other main function is to convert videos to different formats. Maybe some time, I can use it, I think.
import thanksgiving avchd videos to idvd

When I returned to Detroit, I got to think about my families. They could enjoy the memories through YouTube. But how long can these digital videos be stored? How can I make the memories solid? Google this and I found most families had this worry. Somebody suggested use software to burn the videos to DVD! It's wonderful idea. Think about it: I can make a DVD by myself to record our family life, and then I can send this to my parents. What they need is just a DVD player. I went to App Store and bought the tool I need: iDVD. Most users recommend me to use this tool. They say it’s quite easy-to-use. But in my opinion, to burn the videos to DVD, editing the videos is necessary. Luckily, I have Final Cut Pro 7 in my MacBook. And after the editing, I can directly import new videos to iDVD for burning.

With this editor, I could do much to my videos, such as add subtitles and color correction. The problem is that FCP 7 couldn't read my AVCHD files! I have used "log and transfer" function in FCP 7, but it's a pity that I didn't find the BDMV files which is mainly because I only stored single videos without BDMV in my computer. How to solve this? Google is No 1. I got the answer: FCP could recognize Apple ProRes directly, which is FCP 7's native video format. But how can I Convert AVCHD to ProRes? Then I remembered that I had Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac. Ran it and I finally found it worked pretty well in converting AVCHD to correct formats for FCP 7. Just like the picture shown.
import thanksgiving avchd videos to idvd
You see, there are actually only three steps to complete the conversion process. Import your files into Final Mate for Mac, and choose the correct formats for different use and then export. This picture only shows how to transcode the videos to ProRes for FCP. And what’s more, there are still other formats for editors such as iMovie, Avid Studio, Adobe Premiere and so on. There are of course formats for different devices such as iPad, iPhone and PSP. It is quite easy. And the quality of output is nice, even the same as my original ones. I know there must be quality loss in conversion, but never mind, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac was so powerful that the quality loss came so tinny. Thank Final Mate for Mac, with which I can get my own perfect movies and DVD.

I'm now eager for the vacation of the Thanksgiving Day. With my HD camcorder and the best assistant Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, I can capture and store any sweet moment of my families! After the vacation, we will start to work in other cities, but never the memories!

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