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The Solutions for Making MXF Files Be Compatible with Wireless Sharing

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

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Have you discovered that more and more people join the team of DV lovers with their advanced and professional camcorders? You will never understand why they spend so much to get a professional camcorder unless you have become a member of them. These people can always gain much fun from video shooting and video sharing through the home wireless network.


Of numbers of professional camcorders, Canon XF100 is a special one because it has a different video format for shooting. I believe most people are not familiar with MXF, but we can not deny the importance of MXF format. As a professional HD video format, MXF has been put into use on some high-end camcorders including Canon XF100, which focus on professional video shooting and editing for broadcast television.


As a result, MXF has not been supported by many famous video playing and editing tools such as QuickTime and iMovie. This problem troubles many people, and even they are stopped from sharing MXF videos among home wireless network because DLNA does not support MXF as well. How to solve this problem? How about buying another camcorder? No, you needn’t.


Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac comes to help solve this problem. You just need to convert Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime format and freely do some video editing with the converted files. Here I will give the details to you with simple words.


First, you need to download and install Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac. Never worry about whether the program work well in your new Mac OS X Lion, products of Aunsoft Studio has a good compatibility with Lion.



Second, transport your MXF videos to Mac hard drive with USB cable connecting to Mac. And then you can launch the program and click the add button to import MXF files from Mac hard drive.


Third, just click the settings button to set the output format QuickTime (*.MOV). And if necessary, freely change the output path with simple click on the output button. After that, just click the Convert button to start to convert MXF files for QuickTime player.




Finally, you need to wait for a short time until the conversion from MXF to QuickTime (*.MOV) finished. So, with these simple steps you can make MXF files more compatible with video players, video editing tools and even wireless sharing based on DLNA. What’s more, the video quality has been kept with a so high level that you almost can not find any differences between the original videos and converted videos.

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