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Tivo Converter for Mac


    Convert TiVo videos for iPad, iPod, iPhone 4, Nokia N8, Android phones.


    Fast TiVo conversion speed, no quality loss, and perfect audio/video sync.


    Convert TiVo files to Apple ProRes or AIC for FCP/iMovie.


    Utilize all cores to speed up encoding process - 50% faster than before.

Size: 36.4 MB
Supported OS: Mac OS X (Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion)
For Windows Users:

Tivo Converter

The product is included in:

iMedia Converter for Mac
Video Converter for Mac

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for running Aunsoft TiVo Converter for Mac are specified below. Please choose recommended requirements if you wish to utilize TiVo Converter for Mac for the best potential performance.

  • Only for Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and above
  • 1GB RAM (2GB or above recommended)
  • 1024*768 or higher resolution display
Version History

Version     May. 2, 2013

1. Fixed improper conversion issue with Kindle Fire profile.
2. Fixed some known bugs.
3. Optimized the accuracy of outputting original frame rate
4. Fixed some crash problems
5. Improved stability and optimized media player.

Version     Oct. 11, 2012

1. Added audio fade in/ fade out feature.
2. Added optional video split feature to certain Android templates to fit the extended memory SD card.
3. Added to support MXF trimming.
4. Now preserve multi-audio streams when converting MXF to MKV/MP4 and Apple ProRes encoded MOV.
5. Fixed some bugs.

Version     Mar. 29, 2012
1. Set iPad Video H.264(*.mp4) as default profile. 
2. Add 1080p MP4 preset profile for Apple TV
3. Add Sony PS Vita Video(*.mp4) preset format for PS Vita users.
4. Modify 5000kbps as default bitrates, 24fps as default frame rate under both Apple TV 1080p and iPad 3 (New iPad) Full HD profiles.
5. Fix some bugs.

Version         Mar. 23, 2012 

1. Added the language option of German. 
2. Added the ability to split video file in count, time length and size. 
3. Added new output profiles for the new iPad (iPad3), iPhone 4S, Asus Transformer Prime, Acer Iconia Tab A100/101/A200/A500/A700, Amazon Kindle Fire, Archos 101 Tablet, Coby Kyros and many more Android devices. 
4. Optimized the profile settings for Motorola Xoom. 
5. Added the ability to preview the Crop effect in real time.
6. Fixed the problem "Apple Pro Res outputs causes error message in Final Cut Pro 7".
7. Changed the default Frame Rate(fps) to 23.976 in Apple Pro Res profiles to avoid video/audio sync problem.
8. Improved the accuracy of the estimated size information displayed in the Conversion window.
9. Fixed the bug of incomplete conversion (generated file is shorter than the original).
10. Fixed the bug of "unable to keep orignal aspect ratio" in output.
11. Improved the conversion speed of H.264 outputs.
12. Added the "Customize Format List" option under Tools menu.
13. Added the conversion library option under the Options --> Library tab.

Version         Feb. 27, 2012 

1.Fixed the Frame Rate error for AICencoding
2.Fixed the Apple Pro Res profiles' compatibility issue with Final Cut Pro 7:"The following media files are not optimized for Final Cut Pro"
3.Modified the default Frame Rate value for Prores 422 profiles to solve the video and audio sync problems

Version         Dec. 19, 2011 

1. Added format preset for HTC Flyer Tablet. 
2. Optimized the font color of user interface. 
3. Set iPad 2 Video (*.mp4) as default for iPad 2 output.
4. Added 25fps frame rate option for Apple TV H.264 1280x720(*.mp4) profile.
5. Added 96khz sample rate option for WAV format beneath Common Audio option.
6. Modified the default size as 1080p for Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 4444 profile.
7. Fixed some bugs.

Version          Nov. 21, 2011 

1. Optimized ‘Crop’ function to be more user-friendly. Added ‘Original’, ‘4:3’, ‘16:9’ and ‘16:10’ as optional aspect ratios. 
2. Added Xvid video profile “PS3 Video (AC3 5.1) (*.avi)” as preset for Sony PS3. 
3. Fixed some bugs.
4. Added “Xbox 360 HD Video (*.wmv)” profile.
5. Added “WMV HD (*.wmv)” profile.

Version          Oct. 25, 2011 
1. Added preset for WebM Video Format (*. webm). 
2. Added volume control for preview window. 
3. Optimized language option with flag logo. 
4. Fixed some bugs. 
5. Optimized Trim function to be more user-friendly. The accurate time point will be displayed when cursor hovering over the process bar. 
6. Updated to support selecting/customizing CPU cores to do conversion, and specifying the number of maximum simultaneous running processes.

Version 1.3.3         Sep 13, 2011

1. Added the option of Decoder and the enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology.

2. Added some profile options of new supported devices.

3. Changed the keyboard shortcut of pause key.

4. Added the support of the checking and switchover of video, audio and subtitle track.

5. Fixed some bugs.

Version 1.0          July 8, 2011 

Aunsoft TiVo Converter for Mac is released now. TiVo Converter for Mac is specially launched for converting Mac TiVo or TS TiVo files to MPEG and various of other formats.

Aunsoft TiVo Converter for Mac can convert Mac TiVo to MPEG formats, making you feel more convenient to enjoy recorded TV shows anytime you want. With this perfect converter, you can also convert Mac TiVo files for video editing tools like FCP. It converts Mac TiVo files for you to control and play TV shows in different formats on different devices like iPhone 4, Zune, XboX 360, WD TV, Nexus One, HTC Android Phones, HTC Legend.

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