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TOD Converter

TOD Converter

Convert JVC TOD MPEG-2 files to AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, etc and maintain pristine HD quality and resolution.
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How do I use the program? Please check TOD Converter Tutorial.




1. Q: I took some videos with the new JVC GZ-HD40 camera for MPEG-2 TOD videos, and would like to edit them on Sony Vegas. However, Sony Vegas does not support the TOD files from JVC GZ-HD40, any suggestion?
A: Sony Vegas doesn’t support MPEG-2 TOD files for importing and editing, you need transcode TOD to the suitable format WMV or MPG. Aunsoft TOD Converter can perform fast TOD conversion from GZ-HD40 to WMV or MPG for Windows Movie Maker. It will also merge TOD movies for smooth playback on Windows PC. 

2. Q: Can TOD Converter recognize TOD files from HD cam directly? If not, how did I extract TOD files from HD Cam?
A: No, TOD Converter can not recognize TOD files from HD Cam directly. Generally you can find TOD files in HD Cam and copy them to the hard drive of the computer. TOD videos are commonly found in the SD_VIDEO folder > PRGXXX directory of HD Cam. If you want to directly capture TOD file from HD Camcorder, please select Aunsoft Final Mate.

3. Q: How should I do to check the loaded file's information in the program?
A: You need highlight it first and run "Properties" item in the "File" menu. Then you can read the information of the file, such as Bit Rate, Frame Rate, in the following dialog-box.

4. Q:Can I take immediate visual snapshot of the playing TOD video?
A: Yes. The program enables you to take snapshots of video with the width and height of the original video or particular resolution. You can get immediate visual snapshot soon after clicking to capture the video frame. It is easy to get thumbnail image or wallpaper for your computer.

5. Q: How to adjust bit rate, sample rate to meet my need?
A: It is easy to adjust bit rate and sample rate by clicking button Settings. Then you will see an interface which allows you to change the bit rate and sample rate. The bitrate and sample rate is higher to adjust, the video is higher in quality, but larger in size.

6. Q: My widescreen movies (16x9) aren't staying widescreen after conversion. I don't want the video to be stretched and made taller. What can I do?
A: Simply click ‘Settings’ button and set the Video Size to 16*9 aspect ratio like 1920*1080 before converting the movie.

7. Q: How can I get AAC/ AC3 5.1 channels as output audio?
A: You can click ‘Settings’ button and select ‘5.1 channels’ from the drop-down list of Audio Channel. Please note that piratical output formats do not support 5.1 channels.

8. Q: Is it possible to save the profile with the modified settings for using next time?
A:  It can be done by the "Save As" button in Settings window. After you finish the modifications, please click this button in Settings window and name it. Next time, you can find this custom profile in Custom option of Format box.

9. Q: Can I merge several video files to a single video?
A: Yes. You can add the video files you want to join together to the list box, and change the order by the move up and move down buttons. Then check the "Merge into one file" checkbox before converting. After conversion, all the files in the list will be merged into one video file.

10. Q: The Merge file function is very useful for me, but when I use it, I have to make a conversion. Can I only combine the TOD recordings without recording?
A: No. The Merge into one files function in TOD Converter need convert the joined files into other format. If you wish to merge all the raw recordings into one file with no recompression/conversion, please use Aunsoft Final Mate to merge your TOD files.

11. Q: Can I deinterlace the source interlaced video recorded from my TOD camcorder with Aunsoft TOD Converter?
A: Yes. Click Editor icon and in Effect tab, you can check the box Deinterlacing to get final non-interlaced video.

12. Q: My videos were recorded by my JVC camcorder, there are many stripes and noises on the picture, and how can I remove them?
A: Don’t worry. Our product has the powerful optimizing function: Deinterlacing and Simple Gauss Blur which under the “Editor” panel, just check “Deinterlaing” option and select the special effect mode “Simple Gauss Blur” from the drop-down list, you can amazingly remove the stripes and picture noises. And Deinterlacing checkbox is selected by default in the program.

13. Q: How to trim the video in Editor Window?
A: There are three ways to make it done:
First: Drag the slider bars
Drag Triangle icon below the preview window to locate the beginning and end of your clip during the preview.
Second: Control mark buttons
Press the button to locate the beginning and end of your clip during the preview.
Third: Directly enter the values
Input the certain time number in Set start time and Set end time fields.

14. Q: How do I get rid of the black edges around my movie?
A: It is very easy to deal with. Click “Editor” button to enter into the edit panel, you can see the crop tab, and then you can drag the dashed frame on the video screen of the original preview window to cut off the black edges. 

15. Q: Can I change the default volume of the video?
A: Yes. Click "Editor" button, and there is a volume option. You just need to drag the triangle bar to enlarge the audio volume.

16. Q: Can I add text to my video? Such as adding a watermark to the video?
A: Yes. After your editing on the videos is done, you can add text or image watermark to the video. The TOD Converter enables you to add different watermarks to your video file, including text, image (including GIF), and video watermark, so you are ready to get a picture-in-picture effect on your video.

17. Q: Can I change the output file name?
A: Yes. Please find the column named "Destination File" on file list. Click the particular output name under the "Destination File" column, and then you can specify the output file name.  

18. Q: How about the output video quality after using the program?
A: Based on the newest audio-video sync technology, TOD Converter can provide you with outstanding output image and sound quality, never let you get into trouble with the audio and video sync issues. Moreover, multiple optimizing functionalities are available to better the output video quality.

19. Q: Where to find the converted files? 
A: Click Open icon on the main interface of the program to find the converted files. 



General Question

1. Q: What are system requirements for running this TOD Converter?
A: If you want to run this TOD Converter on your PC, here are the system requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP/2003/Vista, Windows 7, Windows Home Server.
DirectX Version: 9.0 or above.
Memory: 64MB at least
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 processor at 500 MHz.
Hard Disc Space: 512MB or above.

2. Q: How can I get the version number?
A: For finding the version number, you can click "About" from the Help menu, and you will see the version number.

3. Q: How to remove Aunsoft watermark?
A: Many customers could ask: how can I remove Aunsoft watermark? How can I convert video files without Aunsoft watermark? Can I get rid of Aunsoft watermark? I’m sorry to tell you that our trial version has a limitation that outputs video with a watermark. If you don’t like it, you can register a retail version via purchase the program online.

4. Q: An error pops up when I try to import files to the program saying the files can not be read. What is wrong? 
A: Please make sure first that the video format is supported by our software. If supported, then please contact for help.

5. Q: I have purchased your product but I have no idea how to use it because I can't find any field for typing the key code?
A: I think you are still using our trial version, please note that you have to uninstall the trial version and then reinstall the full version to enter your key code. Please download the full version of the product through the download link provided in your received mail, install, and launch the app. Then you will see the interface asking for your key code.

6. Q: How to check the current version number for Aunsoft software?
A: For finding the version number, you can click "About" from the Help menu, and you will see the version number.

7. Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If you want to know the information about Refund Policy, please enter: Aunsoft Refund Policy.

8. Q: How did I know the update news?
A: You have following ways to know the update news:
- You will receive the newsletter if we add the powerful function to the program.
- Join us on Twitter or Facebook to know the update news in real time.
- Visit our official web site and concern the Version History page. At the bottom of the product page, you can click Version History to get there.

9. Q: How to update the software to the latest version?
A: Click Help icon on the main interface and select Update option to download the latest version.
Contact with the order number, key code or registered email box address, then we will send the download link and key code to you again.

Log in our member center and get the download link of the latest version for the software there.

10. Q: Your software is excellent. I do a lot of internet marketing and wonder whether you offer an affiliate program or not?
A: For affiliate matter, you can see here: To know more detailed information, contact our affiliate manager via sending email to



Trial Version

1. Q: How to remove watermarks on the trial version?
A: Our trial version has a limitation that outputs video with a watermark. If you don't like it and want to remove or get rid of it, you could register a full version via purchase the program online.

2. Q: What’s the difference between a trial version and a full version?
A: There is few difference between a trial version and a full version except a "Aunsoft" watermark in output videos from the trial version. To get rid of the logo watermark, you need to purchase the full version and re-convert your videos.

3. Q: Can I get technical support for using trial version?
A: Yes, if a trial user meets any technical problem when using our product, please tell us your question via email to Our support team will answer your question within 24 hours.



About Product Differentiation

1. Q: What are the differences between TOD Converter, Video Converter, Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate?
A: Actually these three programs own the same output for various video formats and all editing functions. The difference between them lies in the input. TOD Converter can only import TOD files for output. Video Converter can allow you input almost all the video formats like AVI, TOD, MOD, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, VOB, MP3, MXF, MTS, M2TS, VRO, EVO, HD videos etc. While Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate is combined Video Converter and Blu-ray Ripper into only one, it not only lets you convert almost all the video formats, but also lets you decrypt/rip/convert Blu-ray and DVD movie to other formats.

2. Q: Are there any more comprehensive tools that cover all the functionality of TOD Converter?
A: Yes, just like the introduction of the differences of TOD Converter, Video Converter, Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate as above, Video Converter covers all the functionality of TOD Converter. Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate covers all the functionality of Video Converter. So Video Converter and Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate covers all the functionality of TOD Converter.

3. Q: I have already ordered a TOD Converter and now want to upgrade the TOD Converter to Video Converter or Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, should I pay the full price of $35 or $65?
A: No. In Aunsoft, all our customers can enjoy a discounted price to upgrade your product to the advanced version. Wanna upgrade TOD Converter to Video Converter, you only need pay $15, not the full price $35. Wanna upgrade TOD Converter to Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, you only need pay $49, not the full price $65. More info, please check our Upgrade Policy.

4. Q: What are the differences between TOD Converter and Final Mate?
A: Both applications work to HD camcorder videos, and deinterlace 1080i TOD videos for playback on PC. Both applications support 1080p, 1080i TOD videos, help you take still image from the recorded videos.


The differences: 1. Final Mate works with other camcorder videos like .mts, .m2ts and .mod, while TOD Converter does only support TOD input. 2. Final Mate detects camcorder captures videos from camcorder. With Aunsoft TOD Converter, you need to find the .TOD files under SD_VIDEO folder > PRGXXX manually. 3. Final Mate utilizes NVIDIA CUDA graphic card and Intel CPU for fast conversion speed and optimizes the workflow for non-linear editing software. 4. You can merge/join .mts files, .m2ts files, .tod files, .mod files without recoding or quality loss using Final Mate, while the joining process in TOD Converter requires recoding and takes longer time for output video. 5. With Final Mate, you can drag and drop on timeline to arrange video sequence, joining and cutting. 6. For users who want to add watermark to video, TOD Converter is the better one, as Final Mate version 1.5 does not include the option to add custom logo/watermark.


Other FAQs about Payment, Registration, Upgrade, Refund, please check Aunsoft FAQ Center.


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