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Transcode Canon videos quickly for editing in Final Cut Express

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

Best Mac Video Converter for iPad/iPhone 4/iTouch 4. Transcode HDV/AVCHD to ProRes, AIC,etc.
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As of June 21, 2011, Final Cut Express is discontinued, in favor of Final Cut Pro X, thus the existing FCE customers could not expect Apple to enhance its support for camera/camcorder any more. Final Cut Express has been used by many amateur and professional videographers at the present time, so a Canon clips converter for Mac still plays an important role between Apple and Canon in terms of solving importing and format issues.


Apple claims that Final Cut Express works with a wide range of digital video qualified devices and formats, including tape-based camcorders as well as the latest AVCHD tapeless camcorders that record to Flash Memory, Hard Disk Drive (HDD), and DVD media. But Apple also admits that due to the wide range of media types and the different ways manufacturers store video on these media types, not all tapeless camcorders work with Final Cut Express. That’s why you can always see people ask question one or another about how to convert Canon clips in .mts format or some format else like .mov, mxf, etc. to a file type that is editable in Final Cut Express.   
canon videos to final cut express

Have you ever stumbled in the following situation or something similar?
“I take my videos with a Canon camcorder, which produces clips in AVCHD-format (*.MTS).Subjects are Holiday, family, friends party and footage from the band I'm playing in. I am looking for a Canon video converter for two purposes only:
1. Transcoding my Canon videos to FCE for extended editing;
2. Shrinking the file size of Canon footage so that my friends can download smaller files.
Can anyone advise a solution?” 


Actually, numerous video converter apps claimed to deliver excellent performance when translating Canon recordings to MOV format for using in Final Cut Express. But things not always going as expected. Users always encounter more frustrated issues when using these converter programs, like bad image quality, audio/video out of sync, audio only file with no video, etc. So choosing an affordable and well-working Canon Video to FCE Converter becomes very important.


As for an expert video conversion program, Aunsoft Canon video converter for Mac fully deserves it. Besides ensuring perfect image and sound quality as well as perfect audio and video synchronization, Aunsoft Mac Canon clips converter provides users with more flexible features, with the Mac Canon converter software, you can:
- Process a quick edit and merge of selected clips;
- Convert Canon clips to FCE compatible format AIC (*.mov) for your further creating;
- Shrink the file size of Canon clips and meanwhile converting MTS/MXF/MOV recordings to any format you need, such as MOV, MP4, MKV, 3GP, FLV, VOB, WMV, AVI, and more.


Aunsoft Canon Video to FCE Converter is considered as the best choice for you to transcode Canon videos quickly into the formats you need for editing in Final Cut Express.  

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