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Transfer or Copy Movies and Musics to Motorola Droid X

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Many Motorola Droid X users searched on line for the way to transfer or copy their movies and musics to Motorola Droid X, but can not find useful information, now in order to help these Droid X users to put and transfer their videos or musics to droid X successfully, just write this short guide to show you the way.


Transter Movie Music to Droid X


Step1: Prepare your movies and musics, then mount your Motorola Droid X on to your computer via USB. (Ensure that your memory card is inserted.) You will be asked to intall the Motorola Driver for the first time to connect your Droid X to PC. Just install it.


Step2: Take Motorola Droid X, go to Notifications (by touching the notifications bar at the top of the Droid X's screen and dragging it down). Then touch the “USB connection” notification on Droid X. 


droid x connects to PC via usb


After that, touch USB Mass Storage. Computer will recognize handset as an external drive.

 connect droid x to pc via usb



Once mounted, on the computer, open the drive that represents your device. It should be in My Computer/Computer for Windows users. 


Step3: Create a folder named Movie or Music in the root folder on the Motorola Droid X. (This is just for organizational purposes, it is optional.)


Step4: Copy the movies/video or musics into the Movie or Music folder. 


Step5: After copying movies or musics, eject the drive. 


Now the movies and musics can be played on your Motorola Droid X using the Gallery application.


Note: There are three situations you can not play the videos on Droid X successfully.   


1. You movie formats are not supported by your Droid X, maybe they are MKV, AVI, M2TS, TiVo, FLV, DivX, MXF, MOV, etc, so you need to convert the movies into Droid X compatible format MP4. Aunsoft Droid X Video Converter can help you. And this article can tell you how to convert/play video to droid x.


2. You movie size is over 2GB. The Motorola Droid X does not like video file sizes over 2GB. So just lower your video size.


3. Your source video is over 854 x 480, this resolution can not play back on Droid X. So you must be sure to set the width and height to a maximum of 854 x 480, personally I think 800 x 480 is good enough.


Now have you already know how to transfer or copy movies and musics to Motorola Droid X? Hope you have a pleasure movie enjoyment.


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