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You can click Editor button from the menu to edit the files which you wish to rip including eight sections: Trim, Crop, Image/Video Watermark, Text Watermark, Effect, Audio Replace, Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip and Volume.




Trim: Select the starting time and the ending time to choose your favorite duration.

Crop: Cut off the black edges of the image and set the aspect ratio.

Image / Video Watermark: To add image or video watermark to the video.

Text Watermark: To add text watermark to the video.

Effect: Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation of the video. Choose the special effect from Simple gauss blur, Simple laplacian sharpen, Aged film, Flip color, and Invert.

Audio Replace: Select your favorite audio to replace the original one.

Flip Vertically: To let the video picture flip vertically.

Flip Horizontally: To let the video picture flip horizontally.

Volume: To turn up or turn down the volume of the video.

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