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Import the files to the list.

You can load MXF files with a click at Add button



The information bar about the added files shows the information as follows:



Name: The name of each title, chapter, or video.

Duration: The original length of each file before conversion.

Trimmed Length: The playing length of each file after trimming.

Destination File: The name of the output file, you can rename it if you want.


The buttons under the file list:



: Move up selected task: Click to move up the selected MXF files on the list.

: Move down selected task: Click to move down the selected MXF files on the list.

: Delete selected task: Click to delete the selected MXF file.

: Clear task list: Click to delete all the files on the list.

: Show selected task properties: Click the show the detail properties of the selected MXF file.

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