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Import Video Files

Directly drag and drop MXF files to this program or load through the Add icon or button. It’s amazingly time-saving and high-efficient with simple clicks or mouse dragging. TransMXF Pro for Mac allows users to batch conversion MXF files and import bundles of MXF files at the same time. 

transmxf pro main

The information bar about the added files shows the information as follows:


Name: The name of each title, chapter, or video.

Duration: The original length of each file before conversion.

Trimmed Length: The playing length of each file after trimming.

Destination File: The name of the output file, you can rename it if you want.


The buttons under the file list:

edit toolbar

: Move up selected task: Click to move up the selected MXF files on the list.

: Move down selected task: Click to move down the selected MXF files on the list.

: Delete selected task: Click to delete the selected MXF file.

: Clear task list: Click to delete all the files on the list.

: Show selected task properties: Click the show the detail properties of the selected MXF file.

transmxf pro iconVideo split: check the enable box to customize and split your wanted files.

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