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key features

TransMXF Pro

TransMXF Pro

Export and preserve the original multiple audio channels, Mix multiple audio tracks into one.
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Multi-track Video - MXF File Export with multiple tracks, channels or streams

A must-have option in the format category lets you to preserve and export multiple tracks MXF. Many formats under the format category of Multi-track Video lets you convert MXF to multi-track MKV (*.MKV), multi-track MOV (*.MOV), and multi-track MP4 (*.MP4) retaining multi-audio channels. TransMXF Pro is more powerful and capable.


Check the box of audio channels to Mix into one track

The MXF program offers some default settings for multi-track video, letting you easily preserve and mix 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks into individual in a MXF file. The smart “Mix into one track” checkbox will instantly help to mix multiple audio tracks into one for exporting. Of course, it is your idea to choose your needed audio channels or which files need to be mixed. (PS: It becomes more convenient if you know clearly about how many audio tracks are in your source/original MXF file. )


Merge into one file – Stitch, batch, join multiple or many MXF video and audio files into one big MXF

Differ from the feature of “Mix into one track”, this function is very useful and powerful in batching dozens or many MXF clips to one file. With TransMXF Pro, you could fast batch imported MXF to Quicktime, MOV, MP4, MKV without audio disapper in Premiere, Avid. It is an ideal MXF assistant tool if you might shoot 400 P2 card MXF clips on a typical shoot day and need to stitch/join the MXF files together in one big file for editing with Adobe Premiere.


Bringing MXF to Adobe Premiere CS5, CS6, Avid Media Composer becomes necessary

Having a Tremendous amount of trouble with importing MXF to CS5? Has MXF clips audio out of sync? Video and audio glitch, skips or jumps? If you meet these problems, TransMXF Pro will be the MXF helper to import MXF to Premiere CS, Avid DnxHD (*.MOV), Magix smoothly.


Faster Conversion Technology – 5X faster and more

Thanks to the advanced CUDA acceraltion technology, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro now converts MXF video 5X faster keeping with high quality when converting H.264 encoded video such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, MKV, and FLV. (PS: 1.8MHz Intel/AMD Dual-core CPU or above. 2.6MHz Intel/AMD Dual-core CPU or above or CUDA-enabled graphics is recommended.)


Audio Editor – Made audio replace, loop and remove easy

Obviously, the feature is designed for you to edit audio in a MXF-file such as replace audio from your local folder and also let you loop, or remove the audio easily. Another checkbox under Audio Editor tab, audio fade, allows you to specify the time for audio to fade in or fade out.


Subtitles Support – Enable to manully load subtitles into a video file

If you manually load a subtitle file, of which the supported formats are SubRip/SRT, ASS, and SSA, into your MXF video file which is being edited, it will display the subtitles.


Split – Split MXF video file into two or more by simply using Ctrl + S

You just simply and easily split the vieo file by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + S or choose from the Edit menu. Three options including Split file count, Split time length, and Split file size are powerful, letting you specify the size and quantity of your cutted/exported MXF video file. 

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