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TransMXF Pro online help

  • Introduction

    • TransMXF Pro Overview

      Aunsoft TransMXF Pro makes the MXF Exporting with multiple audio channles easier. This program allows users to mix multiple audio tracks into one for exports. What’s more, it is the easiest and ...
    • System Requirements

      Aunsoft TransMXF Pro will run on any Windows system that meet the minimum requirements specified here. Choose the recommended requirements if you wish to utilize TransMXF at the best potential....
  • Import Video Files

    • Import

      Import the files to the list. You can load MXF files with a click at Add button. The information bar about the added files shows the information as follows: Name: The name of each title, ...
  • Edit the Movies

    • edit

      You can click Editor button from the menu to edit the files which you wish to rip including eight sections: Trim, Crop, Image/Video Watermark, Text Watermark, Effect, Audio Replace, Vertical Flip, ...
  • Export or Output

    • output

      You can specify the output format and the output folder, and the detailed video and audio settings. Select an output format from the format list below: Specify the output destination ...
  • Convert

    • convert

      After specifying all the settings, you can click the run/convert/start button on the bottom-right of the program UI to start the conversion. Soon you will see the window below: Time elapse: The ...

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