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TransMXF, the best MXF converter, turns MXF videos into editable files for Avid, Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc.
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Thank you for installing Aunsoft TransMXF. You can load MXF file from MXF camcorders to the program and get files into the formats that are compatible to your portable devices like iPad, iPhone 4, Droid X, HTC EVO 4g, iPod, Android Phones, mobile phones, Xbox 360, PS3, and so on, or just convert MXF for sharing on the Websites like YouTube and convert them for further editing in video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas.


Why choose Aunsoft TransMXF?

    1. Batch convert MXF file to AVI, MOV, XviD, MPG, MP4, WMV, FLV, 3gp, etc.

    2. Keep the original video and audio quality with advanced transcoding technique.

    3. Put and play HD MXF video on iPad, iPod, iPhone 4, Nokia N8, Moto Xoom.

    4. Split MXF file or merge several MXF video clips into one file.


Key Features

    Convert MXF files to other formats with 5.1 channels being kept.

    Support multiple videos for output and convert files in batch.

    Give immediate visual snapshot with simple button.

    Convert at a fast speed and keep original video quality.

    Offer video editing with trimming, cropping, watermark, filter effects.

    Merge several video clips into one file for smooth playback.

    Export video and audio with perfect synchronization.



How to contact us?

Please feel free to let me know if you have any question or problem when using the program. Just email to for help. We are glad to offer the assistance for you.


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