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TransMXF Pro for Mac Solve top 5 MXF sound issues

TransMXF Pro for Mac

TransMXF Pro for Mac

Export, preserve, mix, or separate multiple audio tracks in MXF file; MXF to ProRes, MXF to FCP.
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Since After Effects updated to CC, quite a lot of posts in the forum feed the unprecedented trouble with AE. Here I'll mention the MXF issues that most pertinent in After Effect CC and the simple solution to solve the top 5 MXF frame read errors and render errors in CC.

1. MXF audio issue-Imported MXF files playback with no audio in CC

Sometimes when you drag the video into Premiere, it works but with no audio. You know, there're two basic MXF types: one is those where the essence (media) is stored in the same file as the metadata that refers to it, such as Canon MXF. The other is that where the essence is stored in separate files to the metadata, while these files have external essence which you need keep the whole structure, such as P2 MXF. Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac and TransMXF Pro for Mac can automatically load audio counterparts when you importing MXF file.

2. Multiple audio tracks exporting issue

"When I try to export an MXF file with 8 channel audio, Premiere does a kind of main mix in channel 1 and 2 and channel 3 to 8 remain silent. It does not include my assignment of audio channels in the MXF file."

Many MXF footages from Panasonic P2, Canon camcorders are recorded with 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks and it's really not easy to mix , separate and preserve all or selected MXF audio channels. Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac is fantastic for it provides the best solution to deal with multi-stream audio MXF files. The program allows you easily totranscode MXF to multi-track ProRes MOV, MXF to multi-track MKV and MXF to multi-track MP4.

3. MXF files audio play back out of sync 

"I shot a project with the Canon C300 in 24p mode. When I drag a clip to Premiere Pro the audio is out of sync with the footage. Please help is there any way to fix?" asked by aCanon users. As we know, Adobe Premiere is not the best codec to deal with MXF footage. With the perfect audio and video synchronization technology, the TransMXF can convert MXF to WMV, MOV or MPEG-2 which is friendly for Premiere editing. Since it's nomal that one MXF video will 2, 4, 8 or more audio tracks, the Pro is best to preserve all audio tracks from MXF with no audio loing or out of sync.

4. MXF frame render errors-export formats and codecs suffer from dropouts

I used to render short MXF compositions to uncompressed HD QuickTime. The problem is AE CC has been generating all sorts of video dropouts lately, especially when audio render is set to 'auto'. Furthermore I noticed that the only audio set that I can choose in case of an uncompressed QT render is 8000 Hz. And I must mention the fact that other output formats and codecs also suffer from dropouts, be it less frequently than QT uncompressed. TransMXF for Mac and TransMXF Pro for Mac are able to export frame rate up to 48000 HZ. Other preset to optimize the bitrate, frame rate, video size and audio channel is possible.

5. MXF to QuickTime MOV with long rendering time

Why does Premiere Pro take so long to export? Are you feeling tired with the long rendering time when turning MXF to QT MOV. For you have to render everything first and check the "use previews" box when exporting and Premiere can't render and export at the same time, you probably need to set your project to render overnight. Luckily,TransMXF Pro for Mac allows users to transcode MXF to DVCPRO DTSC MOV, DV MOV, DVCPRO50 MOV for QuickTime without rendering time and complex setups. 
TransMXF for Mac VS TransMXF Pro for Mac

Shared Features:

1. Solve MXF frame read errors and render errors in AE CC
2. Solve no sound problem when transcode MXF to QT MOV for Premiere
3. Transcode P2 MXF, Canon MXF, Sony MXF to FCP, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, VLC, etc
4. Merge and join multiple MXF clips together into one file
5. Batch conversion multiple MXF file at one time
6. 3 clicks to convert MXF to MOV, AVI, WMV, etc without rendering

The unique function of TransMXF Pro for Mac:

1. Export and preserve MXF with multi-channel of video and audio
2. Mix multiple audio channels from MXF into one track
3. Seperate channels of audio in MXF when specifying multi-track video format profile

Below are simple steps to convert MXF to QuickTime MOV.  

Step1. Import MXF files

Click "add video" or "add folder" to load file. You can also directly drag files to the program. The program supports batch conversion and allows you capture images.

Step2. Choose output format.

Click the “Format” option in the main interface to choose QuickTime Movie Format > DVCPRO-NTSC (*.mov) as output format.

Step3. Set advanced profile

Here you can set audio sample rate up to 48000 HZ. You can also customize bitrate, frame rate, audio channels, etc.

Step4: Conversion.

For Windows users, you can turn to TransMXF or TransMXF Pro

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