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TSSniper VS Final Mate- Cuts are placed on I-frames or Each Frame

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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I have about 250GB of MTS files recorded from Panasonic HDC-HS250 that I have to split into segments, after the cutting I'll view it either with my WD TV HD Media Player or on PC with VLC player. But after cut with tsSniper, and then playing on PC with VLC, I found out that the output streams not viewed fine on my multimedia player. The film runs very slowly like you'll see a movie in slowmotion. And I found that the cut point in tsSniper is not the begining image I see the in VLC player.

After searched on line, I found the problem cause by tsSniper only supports cutting files on the I-Frame, instead of using a B- or a P-Frame as the cutting point. So in order to find a program lets me split/cut my MTS files frame by frame to get what I desired, I just searched frame by frame cutting software and found Aunsoft Final Mate, after imported 250gb MTS files to the program and cut them with frame accurate by using Previous Frame and Next Frame button to locate the scene, after cut and exported, I played them on PC with VLC, I found the image I located to cut in Final Mate player is now what I see in VLC. I’m so surprised by such a tool which is still not known for most people.

Follow I will make a simple comparison of TSSniper and Final Mate:
1. The introduction of TSSniper:
TSSniper is a Transport stream cutter - currently supports cutting of transport streams containing H-264 or MPEG2 video.
- Transport streams(.ts, .mts, .m2ts, AVCHD) with one video track containing either H.264 or MPEG2 video (with or without PAT/PMT) together with the following audio track formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, AC-3, AAC, AAC-HE.  
- Transport streams containing multiple programs (transponder dumps) can only be processed if the qualifying desciption elements (PAT/PMT) also exist in the dump.
- Teletext and subtitle tracks are not yet supported.
- Cuts are placed on I/IDR-frames (also called key frame).

The limitation of TSSniper:
- No m2ts, just ts output files
- Just I/IDR frame cut points
- Sometimes audio and video tracks may have slightly different length which may cause a/v out of sync.

2. The introduction of Final Mate:
Aunsoft Final Mate, as a camcorder assistant software, is focused on helping camcorder users to directly capture videos from HDcam or SD memory card, to split/cut big files frame by frame, to merge multiple video clips into one without losing any quality, and to convert camcorder recordings to kinds of formats for any usage.
- Smart camcorder wizard for video capture.  
- Support AVCHD, AVCHD Lite, MTS, M2TS, MOD, TOD from JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Sony camcorders.
- Merge native MTS/M2TS/MOD/TOD files without conversion.
- Cuts are placed on each frame, I frame, B frame or P frame.
- Multiple output formats for choosing conversion.

The limitation of Final Mate:
- It is not free.
- TS from PVR and M2TS from Blu-ray are not supported yet.
- The insert player is not played the file very fluently, has to be enhanced.

3. Summarization:
Now let’s come back to cutting function, if you want a free way to cut at GOP boundaries (not frame accurate), then you can do it with tssniper, only cut at I-frames so you've always used direct stream copy, no re-encoding. If you don’t mind spending $49 to get frame accurate and GOP accurate combined tool, you can use Aunsoft Final Mate, cut at each frame or I frame (also called key frame) so you’ve also gotten what you desired, used direct stream backup, no conversion. Hope you enjoys.

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