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Two ways to join and stitch Sony AVCHD files without conversion for WD TV

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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While AVCHD is getting popular in HD camcorders, more and more media player would support AVCHD playback, e.g. WD TV HD media player. However, when I play the videos on HDTV streaming from WD TV, there is obvious gap between each clip.


I would like to join video clips into one without re-encoding, so as to keep video files intact for the highest quality. What’s more, it will save time waiting for output files at super fast speed without conversion.


Aunsoft Final Mate can handle the AVCHD files from Sony camcorders like HDR-XR550, HDR-TG3, DSC-HX5V, so that it is easy to stream videos from WD TV to HDTV with continuous playback and highest video quality.


Below is the quick guide for merging Sony AVCHD clips in two ways without conversion.


Step 1.Get videos for joining in Aunsoft Final Mate.
To capture videos from camcorder, just click Wizard and follow the instructions. To import videos from local machine or external HDD, go to the Resource tab, and add file path as source folder.


Step 2. Merge AVCHD files without conversion.
Two ways to join and stitch Sony AVCHD files in Final Mate:
- Select the files you would like to merge into one file without conversion, drag and drop to the timeline. A new movie for lossless output will be created in the Movie tab.
- If you would like to get another movie for different event, just click the Add movie button, then drag and drop the particular clips to the new movie.



Step 3. Export the merged files without decoding for WD TV.
Click the Export button, and click the OK button for lossless output. The lossless output would only take about ten seconds for a 2-minute movie. Even for large file with long time length, it saves a lot of time for lossless joining videos for WD TV HD media player or other AVCHD players like PS3, Popcorn Hour.



1. Despite joining videos in the same format, Final Mate also supports format conversion for joining different formats into one file.

2. The latest version of Final Mate offers lossless output MKV files from AVCHD files with short time's remuxing.

3. If you would like to join mts files into one for wdtv live plus HD media player, follow the guide: How to Merge and Play AVCHD MTS for WDTV Live Plus in Highest Quality ?

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